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The Scariest Christian Movie Ever Made: Journey to Hell

The Scariest Christian Movie Ever Made: Journey to Hell

What happens after we die? Are heaven and hell real? What does it take for us to end up in the good place instead of the bad one? If you love movies and if you have asked these questions at least once in your life, then you should continue reading. Here, we are going to talk about the scariest Christian movie ever made, Journey to Hell.



The film is based on the best-selling book by John Bunyan, and it’s directed and co-written by Timothy A. Chey. In the leading roles, we see John Terrell as Shane Badman, Aaron Groben as Palini Demon, and Harry Goodwins in the role of Legion Demon.

The production company behind it is VGC Productions, and the movie comes to selected theaters starting from July 29, 2024. This piece will be shown in all 50 states all across the United States, over the course of 10 months, and it will start in LA, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Honolulu, and Colorado Springs, and it will continue showing in more cities during the whole year.


Even though it is categorized as a thriller film, it is much more than that, and it will make you think about all the decisions you’ve ever made in life. The tagline, Jesus spoke of Hell more than Heaven will be something that you will think about for many years to come, and this film will be one of those that are going to be embedded in your memory. The Journey To Hell Movie is a must-watch, not only because of the acting skills, the genre, or the memorable lines but because it is going to change your viewpoint on many things in life.



Without revealing too much about this film that you should definitely put on your to-watch list, you should know that the piece is about Shane Badman, a person who believes that saying a prayer at the end of the day is going to help him be forgiven for all the things he has done during the day. He lives a life most of us do, and he relies on earthly pleasures, believing that if there is Heaven, he will get to it as long as he says the right words.

When he gets in an accident, and almost drowns, he is sent to the place we all fear – Hell. There, he starts learning what it takes to get to the good place, and how our actions have consequences.


During the film, you will follow his journey, the dialogues he has in Hell with other people who ended up there, and you will see what happens when he realizes he can repel for his sins and ask God for forgiveness.

This movie is categorized as the scariest Christian movie of all time because it is not based on jump scares, ghosts, and demons, but instead on our own actions. We can all recognize our doings in the protagonist’s actions, and every single one of us should decide if the life we are living is going to take us to the place we want to end up in. No matter if you are a believer, no matter your religion, or points of view, this piece is worth watching.

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