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What Tattoo Machines Are Best For Beginners?

What Tattoo Machines Are Best For Beginners?

Tattoos are an intricate and fun way of giving ourselves some extra style. The tattoos can range from simple accessories to pictures that tell a story. Regardless, they’ll require a skilled tattoo artist to become a part of our body. However, before one can become a good tattoo artist, they first have to become one at all. That’s why today we’ll be looking into what the best tattoo machines are for beginners.



First up are Dragonhawk tattoo machines. These machines are primarily liked for their lack of complications. This inserts extra reliability into the tattoo artist’s hands that’s unparalleled by other machines. Newbies will like it due to their simplicity and adjustability. The comfortable design also makes them easy to get used to as a newbie.

Versatility is no worse on Dragonhawk machines, allowing you to accomplish all you need with a single machine. Usually, you’d need at least one other tool to properly finish a tattoo, especially if it needs to be filled in with color, but with this tattoo machine you’ll be fine.



Right behind the Dragonhawk tattoo machine we have Solong. This machine will immediately provide a silent yet powerful rotary tattoo machines for newbies. Their overall design doesn’t lack far behind Dragonhawk, making Solong a machine you’ll quickly get used to.

Durability of this item will make it last a lot longer. The machine is reinforced with a potent aluminum alloy that will prevent most physical damage. However, it doesn’t compromise the weight of the machine which means it’ll remain as light as possible while providing that extra resilience.

Solong can offer newbies another advantageous features, low need for maintenance. Those who are just starting out may be discouraged from practice due to the amount of maintenance present with these machines. Meanwhile, Solong removes that need for maintenance due to the high-quality composition of the item.



Now let’s focus on a simpler machine. Dragonfly is a very lightweight tattoo machine that doesn’t take up much space. Of course, these traits end up mattering a whole lot more when you are doing multiple hours of tattoo work at a time. That long of a tattoo process will negatively affect our hand and cause it to get tired so lowering the stress allows us to work more.

A real selling point for dragonfly is how inexpensive it is. Newbies will often run into the issue of budget when it comes to jumping into the world of tattoos. After all, not everybody interested in the hobby can afford high-end machines. Thankfully, Dragonfly represent a cheaper option that doesn’t lose quality.

Speaking of quality, we should note that Dragonfly is a machine that will act as a good liner for newbies. With the addition of its lightweight nature, you’ll be able to finish some simpler tattoos in a single sitting when practicing. Even when you get skilled with the machine, there may be some simpler tattoos that you’d prefer to use it on due to its lightweight nature.

The machine is very easy to use. Aside from being light, it is very apparent when it comes to the parts you should pay attention to. Adjustments can be done on the fly without the extra prep that usually comes with them. It won’t take long to fully grasp how to use Dragonfly even for a total newbie.

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