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What are The Best Vape Mods for Beginners

What are The Best Vape Mods for Beginners

Vape mods are advanced devices that have a similar role to e-cigarettes, but the difference is that you can buy different tanks and use them according to what you want to smoke at the moment. That way, you have a unique vaping experience, without mixing different aromas, flavors, or concentrations of liquids in one canister.

If you are a beginner, it certainly seems like a big challenge to find the right mod for you, because there is a large selection and wide offer. But at first, it may be better to start with a simpler model, so that you can learn how to properly clean and maintain it, so that you always have the full taste and aroma, without being disturbed by external factors.

First of all, always buy from trusted sellers, who you are sure to have all the licenses to sell such products. It is also good to know that you need to check if they have an authorized service or a fair product replacement policy if it breaks down before the warranty expires.

These are technical details that you should not neglect before you even get to the point where you need to choose the right device for you. In this way you are protected as a consumer, but also the store gets the trust and rating it deserves.

Of course, it was important to mention these key points before moving on to specific recommendations for the best vape mods. The choice is really large, and the convenience comes with the fact that with just one device, you have endless possibilities to consume different types of liquids, without being afraid that the taste may change. They look a bit bulky and impractical, but the truth is that when you get used to them, they are actually really better than regular e-cigarettes.

Here are some of the best devices you can find on the market:

1. VooPoo Drag 3


A practical device that will surely not disappoint you. It is in the first place on, which means that it is an extremely good product, which is available in many colors and you can find it at a really good price.

On the one hand, it will captivate you with its modern look, and on the other hand, once you try it, you will be amazed by the rich taste and aroma that is released, without being charged due to heating.

Among other things, you will always know exactly how far you need to charge it, how long the battery lasts, whether it is at the right temperature, but it also has built-in protection against changes in current, so that the elements do not overheat while charging.

2. Aegis Legend Kit


As soon as you see it, you will realize that it is an interesting product, especially for beginners. It is made of quality and durable materials and at the same time is waterproof. It also works on batteries, which you need to buy additionally because they do not come in the set.

It may be a bit heavier than other devices available on the market, but it is actually quite practical at the same time. However, you need to research and consider all aspects to make sure that nothing disturbs your vaping experience.

3. Innokin Coolfire Z50


This device is small and practical and at the same time high quality and long-lasting. Although it is a basic version of vape mods, it can be worn with both expensive and advanced devices. The difference is that it is really understandable and intuitive for beginners. It also comes with two modes of operation – mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung and you can easily change them according to your current desire.

4. Vaporesso Gen S Kit


Another practical device with a classic look, which you might not notice among others in the shop windows. But many beginners choose it, because of the optimized functionality and long-lasting battery, as well as the excellent taste of the steam released when smoking. It has advanced liquid leakage protection, which means that the internal parts of the vape mod are protected in the long run.

5. Vaporesso Gen X


This is a slightly better model than the one we described above, it is much more elegant, stylish and you will always feel like following the best trends when it comes to vape devices. It comes in a few vibrant colors, black, gray, rose gold, and elegant black.

Great for beginners who want to start their experience with something more elegant and stylish than the Gen S. It has a fast charge option, which means you do not have to worry about waiting too long for the battery to charge.

What should you look out for when buying such products?

First, you need to be at an appropriate age to be allowed to consume nicotine products. Many trusted sellers will not sell a vape mod or vape pen to a person under the age of 18 or 21, depending on where they are in the world.

Beginners may be able to choose a weaker model to get used to how the vaping devices work. Those who are too powerful and have a high flow of vapors may experience dizziness or nausea, as well as headaches.

And as we have already said, buy only from stores or sites that have a license and license to sell this type of product. They have good return policies and of course, you can expect to get a quality and approved product, which if not met the expectations, can be returned or replaced.


The selection of vape mods is really large and it is a challenge to find a device that will meet all the criteria for beginners. Still, keep to simple choices so you can learn how these devices work and yet be easy to use and maintain. In the future, you will be able to use more advanced mods, which offer more options for you as a user. We hope you will find the perfect one for you.


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