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Reasons to Switch to Aircon Services in Singapore

Reasons to Switch to Aircon Services in Singapore

Singapore is a tropical country with a humid climate. The aircon is the most efficient way to keep the humidity at bay. In Singapore, aircon services are used in homes, office buildings, and public spaces. These services are available in both new and old buildings.

What are Aircon Services and Why Should You Consider Using Them?

A/C is a type of air-conditioning system that uses refrigerants to cool or heat a room. It’s also known as an air-conditioner. Unlike HVAC systems, A/C units are designed to be portable and can be moved from one place to another with ease. Aircon Services are air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance.

Aircon services like 7days aircon Singapore are reliable, effective, and efficient when it comes to cooling down your home or office in summer. They also have the added benefit of being energy-efficient too. The quality of aircon services is largely dependent on the location and how much you pay. It is important to consider the cost of aircon services when you are looking for a new one.

Types of Aircon Services


Aircon services are provided by an air conditioning company. They provide residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning services to their clients.

  • Residential Air Conditioning Services: These are the types of services that help in cooling your home or office space. The room temperature is regulated by a central unit, which then distributes the cool or warm air throughout the area.
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Services: These are the types of services provided to businesses and other commercial spaces like malls, hotels and offices. They help in maintaining a comfortable temperature for people working in these spaces.
  • Industrial Air Conditioning Services: These are the types of services that help in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for people working in factories, warehouses etc.

Benefits of Aircon Services

The benefits of aircon services include:

  • Cost savings in energy costs
  • Increased revenue through increased occupancy rates
  • Reduced risk of illness and sickness
  • Improved customer satisfaction

What is the Difference Between Aircon Services and HVAC Systems?


Air conditioning is a system that cools and dehumidifies the air. It uses either a compressor, a condenser, or both to do this. The main difference between air conditioning services and HVAC systems is that HVAC systems are designed to run continuously without any interruption for cooling or heating purposes. Air conditioners typically work as a whole unit, while HVAC systems are made up of multiple units that work in tandem with one another.

How to Find the Best Aircon Service for Your Home or Business

You need to do your research before you can find the best air conditioner service for your home or business. You will want to consider the following factors:

Reasons to Switch to Aircon Services


  1. Keep Humidity at Bay
  2. Keep Buildings Cooler
  3. Protect from Mould Growth
  4. Improve Indoor Quality of Life
  5. Save Money
  6. Reduce the Risk of Heatstroke
  7. Reduce the Risk of Sickness
  8. Reduce the Risk of Dehydration
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