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Filmmaker Timothy Chey May Hit Guinness World Record for Most Countries Traveled

Filmmaker Timothy Chey May Hit Guinness World Record for Most Countries Traveled

Depending on how much you enjoy seeing movies, you may have heard this name. Timothy Chey is a filmmaker who stands behind many movies, and as a display of its quality, there are many awards. He is mainly working on films that show the religious perspectives of the stories. As a sign of the quality of his work, besides all of the awards that he has gotten, the Guinness world record is a direct indicator of it.

As a completely different genre, Christianity films are something that you should explore both because of the things you can learn about them, and because of calming atmosphere that they offer. If you are attending church meetings, you can watch these films with the people there, and discuss them afterward.

With many great projects, you might have a problem deciding which is the first film of his that you should watch. That is the reason why we have made this article, to show some of his best works, and to give you a few reasons why the Christianity films are something that you should try.

Things to know about him

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When it comes to Chey, he is one of the most educated filmmakers. He got his business knowledge and has also become a lawyer. After that, he got into the southern California school for film, one of the best filmmaker schools and that is when he began with creating works for us to enjoy them. Although he makes religious films, he was declaring himself as a nonbeliever until eventually finding his faith.

Why you should try out Christian movies


The movies that he creates fall under the category of religious or Christian films. Many people stay away from them because they think that there are only stories from biblical characters. However, these movies offer different kinds of stories, with a religious conclusion at the end.

Not only that you can enjoy the scenes that were taken, but you can learn more about Christianity as a movement. The films can show you how certain things happened, and they will bring you visually to these places to be able to capture that moment.

If you want documentary films, many show Christianity, with people who were eminent names in this field. That way you can learn what certain things meant in the bible and general knowledge about the faith as well.

Raising your children to be religious can be made easier if you show them Christianity through films. If they are attending church, they can be watching some of them which are appropriate for their age and discuss them with the priest. That way they will be well informed, and they will not have to wonder when they grow up.

The film that may hit the Guinness world record


The film that Timothy Chey did, which was nominated for the Guinness world record for the most countries traveled during one film is The Epic Journey. It is about people who have experienced the miracles of God.

To bring their story to you, the filmmakers went to just above thirty countries around the globe. This has not happened before, because usually the movies are filmed in a few places, but these people stepped up.

The audience was very satisfied when they have watched this film for the first time because it shows how faith has helped to change the lives of certain people. This shows how great God is, and why should every believer embrace it. Because of the travel, you get the feeling like you are there with the filmmakers, and you experience the stories like they are told directly to you.

If you happen to find time, this is the first work of Timothy Chey that we recommend for you to see it. Besides being informative about how some people’s lives were affected, it is a really interesting film, which you will have no problem finding a focus for.

Other works of his that you should try


Besides the work which may hit the Guinness world record, you should put in some time and watch his other movies as well. Because there are many of them, we have decided to review a couple of them so you can decide better which ones you like more.

Freedom is a film about two different people living the same story. The first person is an afro American man who is working as a slave and is trying to escape that hell. He somehow gets connected with people who can secure his path north, and he decides to get away with his close ones. While traveling, he is being followed by a person who wants to bring the slaves back. In the end, he gets the choice whether he wants to be free, or he wants to avenge his fate.

The second story of this film is happening earlier than the first one, and it is about a person who is purchasing slaves from Africa. In the ship, besides all the other slaves, is an ancestor of the main character of the first story. That way he connects both stories with the same desire to seek freedom.

Another film that you should find time to watch is the Genius Club. This film is about a person who makes the president form up a group of the most intelligent people to find a solution for the problems that are affecting the whole world. The club is consisted of people from different careers, coming from scientists to students and low-wage job persons. If they fail to find a solution, the person is threatening to cause a massive explosion, hurting many people.

Although it might not be too much of a Christian film, there are still some religious messages that you might follow. These movies are something that will make you think about certain things, and the conclusion that you get from them is spiritual, and will certainly make you a better person.

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