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Are There any Good Christian Movies and Documentaries to Watch in 2024

Are There any Good Christian Movies and Documentaries to Watch in 2024

As time goes on and more streaming services pop up it becomes easier to find just the right flick for the evening watch. The genre of Christian movies for one can often be hard to dig out good movies from due to the sheer volume of rehashed stories present in it. This is why we assembled some good movies to put on during the movie nights that fit this genre.

Wish Man


First in line is a tear-jerker of a movie by Theo Davies. Wish Man features Andrew Steel in the role of the movie’s main character, Frank Shankwitz. Frank is an Arizona motorcycle cop that survives a near-fatal accident during a high-speed chase. During recovery, he is asked to spend time with a terminally ill boy, Michael, whose dying wish is to be a Highway Patrol officer. From this point one movie unravels a soulful dynamic between the two, elaborating on Frank’s troubled past through the progression of this newfound friendship.

The movie is based on a true story that adds weight to the already emotional plot, being a recounting of events that lead the real-life Frank Shankwitz to start the Make-A-Wish foundation. This flick also won two prizes during its lifetime. The Festival Prize for Best Narrative Feature and F.A.M.E. Award for an Outstanding Independent Motion Picture.

Good Sam


A story with a simple catch and a beautiful message of change, Good Sam offers an enjoyable hour and a half of runtime. The premise of the story is simple. A mysterious good samaritan is leaving huge cash gifts in front of people’s houses around the city. New York City TV news reporter and our main character Kate Bradley, played by Tiya Sircar, is assigned the story and begins to investigate it. Wishing to learn the motives of the charitable figure, Kate follows a path that affects her whole life.

While we could spoil more it is more interesting to experience it first hand. On top of the interesting, mysterious premise, the movie is also a comedy giving a few chuckles along the way although the more engaging story does bump out the comedy at times. This is the second movie directed by Kate Melville and showcases her knack for this position with the well-managed feeling of the movie.

Baseball, Dennis, and the French


On a more documentary-focused side, we have Baseball, Dennis, and the French. This movie tells the story of Paul Croshaw, a longtime liberal activist who became a conservative Christian after listening to David Prager’s radio show. It’s directed and written by Paul Croshaw himself so you can be sure the details have all been maintained for this flick. It also showcases a firm impact Dennis Prager has on people with his various endeavors, which doesn’t stop at him and continues onto other members of the Prager family such as David Prager who became a famous financial advisor and Esti Prager Miami Beach spa expert.

Freshman Year


In the line of movies that cover the struggles of younger people, we have Freshman Year. The movie follows CJ, played by Diallo Thompson, a son of a preach and a basketball player who leaves his sheltered home once college starts. There he meets Marcella, a cheerleader with a similarly sheltered home but an entirely different background. The two of them are faced with many troubles the real world brings. The whole movie is about combatting real-life challenges and feels very relatable. This movie is also the industry debut of Jude Okwudiafor Johnson who acted, wrote, produced, and directed the movie. He is an accomplished Accounting and Finance professional but his true passion is ministering the Gospel, which is something he doesn’t shy away from in his movie either.

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