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4 Best Rosamund Pike Movies to Watch on Netflix

4 Best Rosamund Pike Movies to Watch on Netflix

If you are a person who likes seeing movies, or you are just a person who enjoys spending your free time in from of a screen you have surely heard about Rosamund Pike. She has a few big nominations and a big award that she got from a famous movie that was under the brand of Netflix. You definitely have to watch a couple of her movies because it is really worth it.

Don’t even plan out a time for that, whenever you are free or without obligations that you have to that time, relax a bit and play one of her works. Since there are many of them, we have made a selection of some of her best movies where she stars so you can watch them whenever you are free.

1. The Libertine


In this movie, she is working with big names that are already established on the scene. It is a movie that takes time a few centuries back and it takes place in England. It is about a person that lives his life like everybody is imagining, with a lot of experiences that not many can relate to. He enjoys his life, finds pleasure in almost everything that he does and he is in love with freedom. In one situation he meets a young lady and he falls in love, having everything too complicated.

2. Hostile


Following the story of Capt. Joseph Blocker, a war hero that has proven himself time and time again against the Apache, Comanche, and Cheyenne natives who has the order of escorting an ailing Cheyenne chief back to his tribe. Joseph Blocker is played by the legendary actor Christian Bale with Rosamund Pike as the supporting actress. Another great watch as suggested by Scott Cooper Miami Beach director.

3. Fracture


In this movie, she plays alongside two male actors that are really famous for their work. The movie is about a person who finds out that his wife is having an affair with someone so he decides to take her life away planning out everything. When the police came to the place where the crime happened, you can imagine the intertwine because the officer is the person who is having the affair with her, and the other thing that is also interesting is that she is not dead.

He is now accused of what he did, and he approves. Then he meets a woman who works on his case, and the remaining of the movie is just going back and forth between the men that were seeing the victim.

4. A Private War


One of her best works, having her awarded with many praises and awards. It is a movie about a woman that is sent to the middle east, a place of war. Because of her character of being strong and independent, because of her rebelliousness, she is becoming famous in those regions and she is in a position where she has to go on a mission that might cost her life.


Because there are a lot of movies where she was acting, it is hard to make a shortlist of that. However, when you watch these, you can always look at her other work and watch them as well. This list is not in order so you can watch whatever you think you will like the most.

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