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Top 7 Netflix And Amazon Prime Series With A Spicy, Empowering Message

Top 7 Netflix And Amazon Prime Series With A Spicy, Empowering Message

Many will remember the times when, in order to watch a show, it was necessary to download for dozens of hours, go through a thousand adverts or even get a few viruses on the computer. Anyone who has never had a Trojan alert doesn’t know what it was like to live on the edge!

Nowadays, there are many options such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix that incorporate a wide catalogue of series and movies with sex related themes into the streaming system, allowing to avoid the headaches of the past.

Regarding films, among several new titles frequently added to the streaming services’ listings, the available catalogue also features a mix of classic and critically acclaimed current productions. To escape from the traditional, the platforms offer, among all the options, sensual titles that are not only interesting but also reinforce the discussion of gender, love and sex.

Although not exactly adult content, the series that Skokka UK lists here, based on the recommendations of experienced escorts, may have a sexual appeal considered quite explicit. Perhaps too much in some opinions. Even so, the shows have a very interesting production quality and direction that is worth watching.

Whether you’re a couple or enjoying some alone time, it’s always a good idea to unwind with a series marathon and popcorn. With the following recommendations of titles, which deal with different relationships and sex, it won’t seem like just having a good time, but rather, having a good time with the best productions either for TV or cinema.


1. Fleabag


One of the most talked about series among the best on the streaming platforms. Fleabag is not just a comedy with its due dramas, but a clever plot that deserves to be in the Emmys and other awards. Single, in her 30s, Fleabag is a lonely woman who is a bit special at relating. A lot seems to go on in the character’s head, but nothing is externalized, leaving everything trapped in her brain, in racing thoughts that don’t allow for the demonstration of feelings.

2. I Love Dick


The short episodes have a strong power in their messages. It is about a couple who move to a small Texas town looking for new job opportunities when they meet a renowned visual artist who becomes part of their sexual fantasies, connecting the couple, and forming a fun threesome-like love structure. Despite its cancellation for low ratings, it has become a manifesto for critics about female sexuality, about enjoying life and exploring fantasies.

3. Diablo Guardián


A series of just one season of ten episodes that focuses on the life of a young Mexican girl who dreams of the flashy promises of big cities, in her case, New York. The plot tells of her escape to the United States and then how she discovers that nothing is as expected. The sex scenes have everything from romantic moments of connection to sex scenes worthy of professionals such as independent female escorts, as well as fun and difficult scenes with a high violent content.

4. Spartacus

A very classic series featuring a war slave and leader of a revolution who faces many challenges. He is condemned to die in the arena, but defeats his opponents and manages to escape from this situation. He sees his wife and children for sale and is left alone. Besides a lot of blood, there is no lack of nudity, betrayal, corruption and a lot of sexual interaction in this series that portrays Ancient Rome very well (all in the best Game of Thrones style).

5. Sense 8


Impossible to talk about sex related series and not think about Sense 8. Not all the series listed here are only about it, although explicit sex scenes are part of all of them. In this case, the series boasts and scores top marks. The drama revolves around eight characters who are mentally connected. They all have visions about the murder of a woman. Through this mental gateway, they can connect and appropriate each other’s abilities and powers. It is clear that sex is part of the package, but the idea of the series is to awaken empathy and promote connection between the characters.

6. Valeria


The Spanish production shows a plot that has similarities with Sex and the City, but even so, it does not detract from the fact that the series finds its own personality and makes a faithful and funny portrayal of the reality of women. The four friends in their 20s and 30s face all the challenges of this time of life. The protagonist is a writer who dreams of making a living from her work; there is a friend who likes to stay with various guys; another is more serious and deals with career problems; and the last one is hectic and a bit distracted, but with a good heart.

7. Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The British series tells the story of Belle, a student who can’t get out of the life of being a call girl, the British equivalent of the desi escorts and call girls. She hides her reality from friends and family. To those closest, she is a secretary in a law firm, but to her clients, she is a beautiful woman who can be anything she wants. Besides having the drama of dealing with her personal conflicts, the protagonist is torn between the responsible worker and the satisfaction of her clients.

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