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Tekken 7 Fahkumram


Tekken 7 Fahkumram: Background & Style of Fighting

Fahkumram is the latest addition to the Tekken 7 characters list, once lauded for being the biggest hero of his country, Fahkumram is unmatched in his field as a legendary Thai Muay warrior. He was marked as a potential champion by his extraordinary skill in an early martial art before he endured the awful tragedy of lighting at the age of 12.

He made a remarkable rehabilitation despite spending days on death, finally building a sturdy physical frame and rising over two meters high.

Background of Fahkumram

When he was 18 years old, he mixed his tremendous physical power and intellectual competence with a smart tactical brain. He was feasted as a national symbol, tossing away any opposition. He married at the height of his success on his front and blessed with a child.

Yet his career was about to change sharply to bad at the age of 24. He was then threatened with physical damage by a group of unknown people, and given a considerable amount to throw out his next fight if he did not obey.

Fahkumram knocked out his opponent with one single hit immediately after the gong without the purpose of subsuming this injustice. The criminals, incensed, assaulted and attempted to assassinate Fahkumram, but Fahkumram proved too influential and succeeded in killing a lot of his supposed assassins.

On his arrival at the location, Fahkumram detained by the police and attempted to protect himself. However, he was captured and kept in a safe position by the military as crooked police officers and soldiers were part of the party that had attacked him.

He has then held prisoner to his wife and daughter, during which Fahkumram had no alternative but to behave under his captors ‘ orders and engage in clandestine underground martial arts tournaments and show fights against tigers and wild animals.

Fahkumram did not see the path out, was getting steadily depressed and frustrated, and was slowly losing to more violent actions of aggression and anger.

Style of playing and fighting

It looks like he has offensive combinations. He also seems to have several throws of Bruce’s Clutch, and a couple of the combo starts. This even appears to be particularly immune as Craig Marduk strikes his chest violently. Style-sophisticated, Fahkumram fails with Muay Thai.

Fakumram also bulks his chest in red light from his wounds in the face, which matches a red lighting impact from Jin Kazama, which amplifies his gestures and often uses his unique painting.

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