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5 Things You Should Avoid When Walking Your Dog

5 Things You Should Avoid When Walking Your Dog

One of the crucial parts of keeping your pup healthy is taking it out for strolls regularly. Whether you have a big dog or a small one, taking it out every now and then is not just good for you but is also essential for your dog’s health and fitness. However, there are several factors to consider when walking a dog. Firstly, you have to understand the need and walking capacity of your dog. Some dogs need more outdoor walking than others. Furthermore, some dogs have great stamina for hiking, whereas others don’t. Secondly, walking your pup also depends upon your weekly schedule. In short, you can come up with a weekly plan of walking your dog regularly. It is not just good for your dog but also helps in developing a friendly relation with it. Whether it is walking along the pavement or going to a park, or hiking, you can choose any activity that suits you and your buddy the best.

Dog grooming and maintenance are just as crucial as its health and fitness. In fact, it is directly proportional to its healthy life. You must remember that when you are preparing to go on a stroll with your pup, you will need some essential equipment for it as well. Although you will find several different types of equipment in the market, visit to get everything you need for your buddy. They offer a variety that results in quality and comfort!

Now, dogs love to go for a walk, but some ignore small things that have serious effects later. Since you are walking the dog, it needs to stay comfortable and happy. Thus, there are several things you should avoid while taking it out for a walk. Here are five common mistakes we make when taking it out for a walk:

1. Using the wrong leash


When out for a stroll, dogs feel relaxed. They might stretch up a little and move freely. Therefore, you need to choose the right kind of leash. Leash comes in different types, styles, and lengths. So, make sure the leash you have getting specifically for strolling purposes isn’t short. If you, it will bother not just your pup but you as well. Furthermore, having a longer leash can also make it difficult for you to control your dog. Especially if you have a road to cross, make sure your dog gets room to enjoy its time out and is also perfect for its security.

2. Using the phone


Walking your dog may not just be a time to relax for your dog, but it can be relaxing for you as well. It is a good time to bond with your buddy and enjoy the weather. But, most people, especially those with a busy schedule, don’t consider the benefits of walking the dog. They are either busy on the phone or enjoying a cup of coffee. It might seem perfectly alright to you, but it can have some serious consequences. For instance, using a phone means your attention is diverted. It can cause accidents or some serious damage. Furthermore, since dogs get excited easily, if you have a cup of coffee in your hand and your dog jerky up suddenly, you can get yourself injured by spilling hot coffee all over you. Therefore, in simple words, make sure you pay attention to your dog and surroundings and don’t zone out.

3. Taking new routes every time


Dogs love to stroll, sniff new places, things, and neighborhoods. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose a new location or take a new route every time. Although a new adventure seems thrilling, it can confuse the dog as well. Because they are smart creatures, taking the same route allows them to get familiar with the surrounding. Plus, thanks to their sniffing ability, they look at the world and enjoy the experience. Also, sniffing is a healthy activity for them.

4. Walking in the Wrong weather


Dogs are just as sensitive to hot and cold temperatures as we are. But the thing is that they can’t speak. So, it is our job to take care of them. Thus, if the weather outside is cold, icy, or snow, you might think that the dog will enjoy the walk even if you have covered it up in warm clothes; it might not be a good idea. Similarly, taking your dog in hot weather can compromise its health as well. Where the hot pavement can burn its paws, dogs often get heatstroke as well. Therefore, you should avoid walking your dog in extreme cold or hot weather. It is better to find an activity indoors during this season.

5. Walking with a collar instead of a harness


Collars look super cute. But when you are out walking your dog, collars can cause serious problems. They can make the dog uncomfortable. The problem with collars is that they tend to add pressure on the throats and neck. As a result, there are increased chances of injuries around the windpipe. So, instead of using a collar, it is better to use a harness when walking your buddy. The benefit of the harness is that it reduces the pressure on the back and neck. As a result, the dog is more comfortable and also reduces the chances of serious injuries. So, a harness is a better option as compared to a collar for walking.

Regular strolls can be beneficial for both dogs and you. a fresh breath of air can improve your mood and help strengthen your bond with your dog. But it is important to remember that since it can’t talk, you are solely responsible for its comfort and wellbeing. Making small changes and adjustments can help you and your dog a lot. So, the next time you are planning to walk your dog, make sure you remember the points mentioned above for your buddy’s comfort.

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