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Why is it Essential to Validate Your Emails and Data?

Why is it Essential to Validate Your Emails and Data?

In the world of data, its correctness of it is of utmost importance. If you have a mistake at the start of your work, it can gravely impact the rest of your operation. So with that, it is imperative that you validate your data in the process which can be done by data validation. We can’t stress enough how important this is actually and how big is the field of collection information. Information that can then be viewed, presented and used for future operations as a reference point.

Validating data is essential to ensure that the data is accurate, current, and useful. You don’t want to have to clean up your data before you can do any analysis. You can therefore be confident in the results by running validation of your data before you do something for it. This technology goes on a simple principle which could be described as, extracting, transforming, and loading data. Usually, you take the date from one place and validate it, transform it, to another from which you can have a clean slate.

This process is just so important as you want to get the best results possible from your data-driven approach. And this step is essential in any serious workflow.

Why do we need data validation?


Because we want to minimize the risks. It is necessary to make sure that the project go as smoothly as possible. So getting risks out and unnecessary information should be a top priority. Let’s talk about a real-life example where your game could be hacked. Then you receive a lot of fake transactions from very bad sources. This would all have effects on your revenue and the health of your brand.

If you don’t have a way to validate which are your real receipts, which are not you are in a bad spot. With data validation and systems in place you weed out the fake transactions, maybe even send more advertisements to the fake ones. So having a way to validate what is real, what is not could potentially save and impact your business.

What are the different techniques of data validation?

There are many options for data validation. Each technique has specific features that will ensure the best data validation process.



This method validates the process using a scripting language to validate the data. For the creation of an XML file all sources, table names, columns, and target databases names are required. Then python will take the XML file as input and provide the results. This can be very hard for newbies especially and it requires knowing how to program.

Free Tools


These are usually cloud-based can help developers save money, as they are more cost-effective. This method does require some knowledge and coding experience, however. You still need to find the right one and your research well enough.

Professional Software


For data validation, there are many enterprise tools. These are specifically made and tailored to different clients and are more secure and fitted for corporate needs. These are imperative for any part of your business, but this especially can be important when handling emails. Emails are the main way of communication today and the service goes back to the nineties where it also was a primary, if not the primary channel of communication. Today’s info tells us that almost 300 emails are sent each day and this figure will only increase with time.

So when collecting and receiving emails you want it to be correct. Most visitors on many sites will go over the email field fast and a typo happens. Even something as small as that can be costly in your marketing campaign. Especially if you are doing big numbers. Sadly the percentage of good email addresses gets small…usually due to errors or even human mistakes, a lot of email addresses are wrong.

So this is where email validation software can help you. When you verify an email your email can have more power, it can prevent fraud and it will protect both the receiver and the sender. The power of email is immense and if you especially have a business where you could lead your customer via email, this is something that you need. It is proven that those buyers in the email spend almost more than double that of those who don’t shop or get leads over email. Email is still much more effective for some businesses than Facebook and Instagram respectively.

So according to with all that you want to use harness the power of email, but even if you have this amazing big list, it may be that many addresses were typed in the wrong by the user. Some of the reasons you want to validate your address are the following:

  • Remove unnecessary bounces and dead emails
  • Don’t get on a blacklist spam list
  • Verifies the emails sender score

So wanting to do that you need to keep your email address clean, especially if you are contacting a lot of clients. Use tools and clean up your databases regularly before any new campaigns. Our suggestion is also to remove any people who are engaging with you in any channels. Someone that doesn’t open any of your emails won’t probably convert.

So in conclusion we want you to understand how important is email validation and data validation in a whole. It can be a critical part of any business and without a clean email especially it can be hard to build a real reputation in the online world. Data validation can increase quality and accuracy, allowing for the most efficient work process. We have covered some key points that will help you understand data validation. If an analyst applies this technique to the right process, data validation can make data handling easier.

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