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What Is A Casino Bonus?

What Is A Casino Bonus?

Most people like freebies, which is why the gaming industry has been using bonuses as a strategy to get their market share for a long time. It is even more interesting that this works to date, proving players like feeling seen and appreciated, even if they have to earn that appreciation.

Bonuses are gifts that new and existing players get from casinos to either test a new site/game or play more regularly. They can be monetary or in other forms, and there are always conditions attached that a beneficiary wants to look into before accepting these offers.

Types of Bonuses

Casinos have many types of bonuses depending on the site. Here are the most popular casino offers.

1. Welcome Bonus


This is usually reserved for new players who just opened an account at a site for the first time. It is packaged as a deposit or no deposit offer for players that need to test the waters. Deposit offers require the player to commit some cash that the casino will match. So, a $20 deposit with a 100% match gives you $20 free to use, but you can only withdraw it once you have met all the set requirements.

2. No deposit bonuses

They don’t require players to deposit a dime. You decide whether to take the offer or not when you register an account, and it will be credited as soon as you enter the given valid bonus code. They have conditions attached to them too, and most times, these are a little tougher to beat. Some 100% deposit bonus casino will even require you to deposit some cash before withdrawing the bonus, which is why you want to read the terms closely before accepting any offer.

3. Free spins


They are an example of no deposit bonuses given to new and existing players. They are used on slots alone and can be time-barred or attached to specific games. Casinos use free spins to attract the user’s attention to a specific slot. There are random weekly and daily promotions that the site gives as it wishes. These could be monetary or otherwise, and they may have a separate set of conditions.

4. Loyalty and VIP programs

They can also be classified as bonuses as they are offered the same ways as most typical promotions. Loyalty programs will give you free money for games when you redeem points that will also be subjected to wagering requirements, while the high-rollers will enjoy perks from VIP programs.

Common Bonus Conditions


The terms and conditions are always highlighted on the site, so you want to analyze and internalize them before entering any bonus code. Wagering or playthrough is the number of times you are expected to turn over the bonus before withdrawing the cash. If it says 40 times for a $20 bonus, you will turn it over $20*40 to turn the bonus money to $800. Only then can you withdraw the bonus and the winnings from it. For this reason, a smaller bonus amount is much better than a larger one.

Most offers restrict you to a set number or type of games. You will find that table games only contribute 20% to wagering while you get 100% with almost all slots. You want to know this right off the bat, so you know where to focus. There is also the time limit where you have days, hours, or even weeks to meet all the set requirements. Most casinos will hardly go above seven days, so you want to read that before playing. You may also want to know that you could be restricted from accessing any other promotion inti you utilize your existing bonus.

How to Choose the Right Bonus


The first would be to consider whether or not you qualify for the offer. Welcome bonuses are only meant for new players, so you may want to skip that if you already have an account. The other would be looking at the conditions to determine whether or not an offer is worth the trouble. If the wagering requirements are too hard to meet, you may want to focus on other things. The time given is also a factor as your offer will be rescinded if you cannot meet all the requirements in the time allowed.

The other main consideration would be the casino itself. Flashy offers are one thing, but does the site has all the other requirements you are looking for in the ideal place to play? You want to look at the license, game variety, the number of payment options and if they are favorable, and SSL encryption for the safety of your data. You do not want to accept an offer made by a site that doesn’t meet the bare minimum requirements of a good gambling site, so take your time. You will also want to know whether you would like to keep playing there once you have met playthrough conditions and withdrawn your bonus with attached winnings.


We always encourage readers to pick up the offers made by a site because they present your only chance of getting anything from a casino free. You will have wagering requirements to meet, but those are easy to go through as long as you have the right skills. As we mentioned, you want to choose offers with easy-to-meet playthrough requirements because they take less time and energy. While at it, it helps to remember more isn’t always better with these offers as the more you get, the more you will need to spend to meet the set requirements.

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