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Which Face Mask Is Best For Traveling And Long Flights 

Which Face Mask Is Best For Traveling And Long Flights 

Several people use a face mask for different kinds of reasons. Some of those reasons are to cover their bloated faces, not to breathe polluted air, or as an airport fashion look (primarily celebrities). Nowadays, everyone needs to use a face mask due to the current pandemic situation.

However, you can not use ordinary face masks while traveling or attending long flights. It is because regular cloth masks and surgical masks can not give the necessary protection that you need currently. Due to that, you have to choose masks that can block the entry of dust particles, sneezing droplets, and other substances into your respiratory system.

What Type Of Face Mask Is Perfect For Traveling And Long Duration Flights

Here, we will talk about some of the best types of face masks that you can wear while going to travel or take a long flight.

N95 face masks


N95 masks made in USA are the ultimate face masks that are best for traveling and long duration flights. N95 face respirators give the maximum protection against covid-19 and different respiratory infections. The N95 mask can filter out nearly 95% of particles from the air a person inhales while wearing the mask.

Due to the shortage of supply, CDC advises that N95 masks should be given to healthcare providers on priority. Make sure to buy the N95 respirators that fulfill the requirements of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Keep in mind that N95 masks cannot be rinsed with water. You have to throw them away if they become dirty, torn, or hard to breathe through.

Similar to the N95 masks, there are other types of NIOSH-Approved respirators. The N99 mask can filter 99% particles, and N100, P100 offer 99.97% filtration. In addition to that, P99 purifies 99% particles, and both the R95, P95 give 95% filtration, particularly resistant to oil.

Cloth mask


Cloth masks that have a minimum of three different layers made of high-quality fabric can offer 80 to 95% protection. Hence, they are also another decent option during travel and long flights. If the cloth mask has a side filter with big holes in between, avoid wearing it at any cost. Besides that, it is best not to wear the cloth mask if it has vents, exhalation valves, and other openings.

Surgical Mask


A surgical mask alone can not give you the necessary protection needed for outdoor travel and long flights. Instead of wearing only the surgical mask, it is relatively productive to wear it with a cloth mask. Use the surgical mask as the inner layer and the cloth mask as the external layer. Hence, this double mask is also good for travel and lengthy flights.

Bottom Line

From the above information, it is clear that N95 masks are the best options for travel and long-distance flight. However, if you do not have access to them, you can choose other alternatives, such as a high-end cloth mask or a double mask. Do not forget to wear a mask while going out to stay safe.

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