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41 Common Trivia Questions and Answers

41 Common Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you want to build your residual knowledge of general events? If your answer is in the affirmative, you should look no further. We have compiled a list of 40 common trivia questions and answers that will surely engage your cognition.

The questions and answers that we have put up here have been fact-checked by our team of professionals. In order to get the most out of this exercise, you may want to answer the questions yourself before having a look at the answers.


If you can do well in this mini exercise, you would smash most trivia questions.

Q1. The record for the longest dance party is held by which country?

Answer: Ireland (55 hours)

Q2. The Air Jordan sneakers were released in what year?

Answer: 1984

Q3. The string www that you’d find as the starting letters of most websites are acronyms of what?

Answer: World wide web

Q4. The world’s tallest dog breed is known as what?

Answer: The Great Dane

Q5. The tiny piece enclosing a shoelace is called what?

Answer: Aglet

Q6. The loudest animal in the world is called?

Answer: Sperm whale

Q7. The first toy to have a TV advert is what?

Answer: Mr. Potato Head

Q8. Daylight Saving Time isn’t observed by which two US States?

Answer: Hawaii and Arizona

Q9. Which countries have the highest consumption of chocolate per capita?

Answer: Switzerland

Q10. What is Lady Gaga’s real name?

Answer: Stefani Joanne Germanotta


Q11. Orly Airport is found in which city?

Answer: Paris

Q12. What do Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Samuel Tilden have in common?

Answer: They all won the USA popular vote but lost the electoral college vote

Q13. What is the former name of the country Ethiopia?

Answer: Abyssnia

Q14. While pregnant with her first child, which major tournament did Serena Williams win?

Answer: The Australian Open

Q15. Which tech company does mow its lawn, rather uses 200 goats to do the job?

Answer: Google

Q16. The world’s longest ocean is called what?

Answer: The Pacific ocean

Q17. What is the US Army’s lowest rank?

Answer: Private

Q18. The world’s biggest island is called what?

Answer: Greenland

Q19. The Land of White Elephant is used to refer to which country?

Answer: Thailand

Q20. Which ocean is the smallest in the world?

Answer: Arctic

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Q21. Most humans have what colour eyes?

Answer: Brown

Q22. How many ribs does a human body contain?

Answer: 24

Q23. The first female prime minister of Great Britain was?

Answer: Margaret Thatcher

Q24. The Afrikaans language has what origin?

Answer: Dutch

Q 25. How many NBA championships did Michael Jordan win with the Chicago Bulls?

Answer: 6

Q26. Which country won its very first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay

Q27. When did the very first Wimbledon Championship hold?

Answer: 1877

Q28. What is often referred to as the smallest unit of computer memory?

Answer: Kilobyte

Q29. Which of the planets is the hottest?

Answer: Venus

Q30. Which country has the highest production of coffee?

Answer: Brazil


Q31. What does BMW stand for?

Answer: Bavarian Motor Works

Q32. Which two countries in the American continent share the longest international border?

Answer: US and Canada

Q33. The smallest country in the world is known as what?

Answer: The Vatican City

Q34. Babies are born without which bone?

Answer: Knee cap

Q35. What is P. Diddy’s real name?

Answer: Sean Combs

Q36. An Octopus has how many hearts?

Answer: 3

Q37. What is Marie Curie popular for?

Answer: The first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She won it in 1903.

Q38. Which mammal doesn’t have vocal cords?

Answer: Giraffe

Q39. Most power outages that occur in the Us6are caused by what?

Answer: Squirrels

Q40. What is the pH level of water?

Answer: 7


Q41. What substance is used to make nails?

Answer: Keratin

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