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Why Are Hoodies So Popular Among Millennials?

Why Are Hoodies So Popular Among Millennials?

The world has changed a lot in the last ten years, which has been largely influenced by the generation of millennials, who are still trying to shape it according to their specific needs. It is the same with fashion.

The fashion imperatives of millennials are significantly different from those nurtured by other generations – so it is not surprising that one fashion piece like a hoodie has so much importance in fashion combinations of these young people. But why are hoodies so popular among them?

Uniqueness In The Style Of Millennials

Millennials are a generation that has been exposed to this digital chaos in which we live, almost from birth, consciously or unconsciously bringing new trends. They are writing new rules that many of us are adopting and want to follow. In many ways, they are right – and especially in the way we look at fashion and trends.

For this generation, uniqueness is a necessity. Namely, unique pieces are a matter of individuality for them. What’s the point of looking good and not feeling good? This generation is changing the state of our minds and changing the definition of the word cool.

Slow Fashion


Because of their approach to fashion and trends, millennials and Generation Z are considered “green generations“. They strongly oppose the so-called fast fashion, whose mass production grinds everything – leaving behind the damage of serious proportions. You’ve probably heard many times before that the fashion industry is almost at the forefront of global polluters. Well, millennial green generations are calling for a more responsible approach to fashion.

To them, the aesthetic side of the brand is as important as the ethical side. So, they are considering everything – from design to production. For millennials, sustainability is not just a current trend –  but something that should become a regular practice. Therefore, millennials are seriously struggling to awaken in others the same level of concern and determination to change their spending habits.

Hoodies: Something New, Something Old

Regardless of new fashion tendencies, millennials have kept some of the past trends, such as the famous simple design for hoodies – so this is one of the favorite clothing items for millennials today. And why do millennials love hoodies so much and what is important to them when choosing?

Millennials Appreciate Comfort Above All Things


Hoodies are well-known as sportswear that made a big boom and gained popularity in the 90s. Back then, hoodies were worn by fans of hip-hop culture – and they became the symbol of rebellion. This is probably one of the reasons why millennials love them – however, they also added some of their own features. This primarily refers to clothes that are durable and made of natural materials. In addition, millennials are proponents of modern street fashion style – so hoodies fit perfectly into it.

Millennials Want To Feel Relaxed In Hoodies They Wear

Millennials are a practical generation that uses clothes to help them with something. Namely, you will hardly see them in some tight shirts or uncomfortable shoes. That is why hoodies are an ideal choice for them. Although this used to be impossible to wear on evening occasions – millennials have found a way to combine hoodies even for such events.

You will often see very unusual combinations that are becoming a trend today – due to the influence of fashion brands like Prada that have adopted this street fashion style and continue to develop it.

On the other hand, Generation Z values ​​comfort and functionality. For millions of young millennials today, too tight T-shirts or dresses don’t mean a thing. On the contrary, according to GStreet, they are looking for clothes that they can wear from morning to night, on all occasions – so they can always look cool, casual, and feel relaxed.

Authenticity And Brand Transparency Are Key To Millennials


Of course, millennials are not immune to trendy things. However, above all that, there are two important criteria that millennials look for – authenticity and transparency. These young generations will place their trust primarily in a brand that reflects their beliefs and values.

The brand should suit their lifestyle and follow what they are. It is interesting that lately, there has been an increase in the popularity of sports brands whose clothes are not reserved to be worn only in the gym. Hoodies, tracksuits, or sneakers that combine comfort and practicality with trends and a certain style – are more than popular today, and appreciated and loved among millennials.

Millennials Want To Look Unique, Even When Wearing Hoodies

Members of the millennial generation will buy what is only being sold at the moment. It has to be fresh and new – so they keep up the pace with what they find interesting even in the fashion world. However, they love comfort, sustainability, and even things they made themselves. Why?

Because it will make them original. Interesting inscriptions or slogans on hoodies can be a way to stand out from the crowd. You can especially contribute to the uniqueness of your look if you create a symbol or inscription on your hoodie by yourself.

Children of the digital age share their lives on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube. It’s cool for them when they look different from others. It is the most important thing for them, at the cost of being strange. After all, everything is more desirable than a boring style. For them, it is a confirmation of enough self-confidence and a great desire to be unique.


When it comes to fashion and style, we can say that millennials strike the perfect balance between their beliefs and needs. So, it’s not like they are not into fashion – but they buy branded environmentally friendly, and original clothes.

Since they don’t fall under regular fashion trends – by combining sometimes incompatible pieces, they build a trend of their own. In the wardrobe of one such millennial, it is quite certain that hoodies will take an honorable place. Comfy and original is what they always look for.

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