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wow classic first aid guide


Wow Classic First Aid Guide For Levels 1-300

Wow Classic First Aid Guide For Levels 1-300

In this comprehensive article, we’ll be showing the WOW classic first aid leveling guide for level 1 – 300. Yes, that’s right we will tell you the quickest way the best way to get your first aid skills up from 1 to 300 in no time.

Since the WOW First Aid doesn’t take up one of the two calling spaces, every player can get it with no punishment. It’s recommended to all classes as a technique for diminishing get-away between battles, by quickly restoring health after each fight. It is excitedly recommended to encounter classes without recovering limits.

In the event that you are as yet leveling your avatar or you just began another career, it is highly suggested that you use Zygor’s 1-60 Leveling Guide. The game guide is in a little window on your screen.

All the detail that you have to finish the journey is incorporated. Let get more forward to our Wow Classic First Aid guide:

The Required Cloths:

1: 170 – Linen Cloth

2: 180 – Wool Cloth

3: 150 – Silk Cloth

4: 120 -Mageweave Cloth

5: 80 – Runecloth

Exemplary First Aid Trainer Locations

Collusion mentors:

  • Dannelor at the Craftsmen’s Terrace in Darnassus.
  • Nissa Firestone close to the Great Forge in Ironforge.
  • Michelle Belle at Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.
  • Specialist GustafVanHowzen at Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh.
  • Byancie at Dolanaar in Teldrassil.
  • Fremal Doohickey at Menethil Harbor in Wetlands.
  • Thamner Pol Kharanos in Dun Morogh.

Swarm mentors:

  • Arnok at the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.
  • PandStonebinder at the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff.
  • Mary Edras at the Rogues’ Quarter in Undercity.
  • Specialist Gregory Victor at Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands.
  • Medical attendant Neela at Brill in Tirisfal Glades.
  • Rawrk at Razor Hill in Durotar.
  • ViraYounghoof at Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore.

Exemplary First Aid Leveling

1 – 40 Levels

50 x Linen Bandage – 50 Linen fabric

40 – 80 Levels

60 x Heavy Linen Bandage – 120 Linen Cloth

You’ll need to visit your coach again at 75 (or 50) to have the option to keep skilling up to 150.

80 – 115 Levels

60 x Wool Bandage – 60 Wool Cloth

115 – 150 Levels

60 x Heavy Wool Bandage – 120 Wool Cloth

150 – 180 Levels

Take in the Silk Bandage formula from your mentor before you leave!

Proceed to discover Deneb Walker (Alliance) in Arathi Highlands or BalaiLok’Wein (Horde) in Dustwallow Marsh and purchase the accompanying three books: Expert First Aid – Under Wraps, Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage, and Manual: Mageweave Bandage. On the off chance that you are low level, at that point, you may very well need to purchase the book at the Auction House as opposed to burning through loads of time hurrying to the merchant.

Right-click on the Expert First Aid – Under Wraps in your sack, at that point you can keep making Silk Bandages. (you need to return and visit your emergency treatment mentor in the event that you didn’t get familiar with the Silk Bandage formula)

50 x Silk Bandage – 50 Silk Cloth

180 – 210 Levels

Utilize the book Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage to figure out how to make Heavy Silk Bandage.

50 x Heavy Silk Bandage – 100 Silk Cloth

210 – 225 Levels

Utilize the book Manual: Mageweave Bandage to figure out how to make Mageweave Bandage.

30 x Mageweave Bandage – 30 Mageweave Cloth

Emergency Quest for Artisan First Aid

After arriving at a First Aid aptitude of 225 and level 35, you can begin the Alliance Trauma/Horde Trauma mission (discretionary). These missions will lead you to Triage/Triage in Arathi Highlands or Dustwallow Marsh. The prize for finishing the Triage mission is Artisan First Aid.

You can discover Doctor GustafVanHowzen in Dustwallow Marsh at Theramore Isle. He is inside the principle keep outside of which all the gatekeepers are rehearsing, NOT the goliath tower. Head inside and snare a right, at that point left and he’s in that corner room. Specialist Gregory Victor is in Arathi Highlands at Hammerfall, stroll in, and turn left. He’s inside the structure to one side simply past the passageway.

It is a smart thought to bring all that you need so as to aptitude up to 290, as you should gain a few plans later from the mission supplier NPCs Doctor GustafVanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor, so bring around 100 Mageweave Cloth and 70 Runecloth with you.

A Few Simple Tips

Press CTRL + V to enact the health bar over the tops of the patients for simple wellbeing checking or tick “Show NPC names” in Interface Options.

Haul your camera out to third-person view so you can see however much of the room as could reasonably be expected.

Put the emergency wraps the specialist gave you in your activity bar. Try not to utilize your own. You can likewise tie it to any key.

Position yourself in the room.

At the point when you see another patient, left-click on them to pre-select them and when the current recuperate has completed snapping the gauzes in your activity bar and the pre-chosen one will start to mend. Spares significant seconds along these lines.

Ensure you have around 10 minutes of extra an ideal opportunity to do this without any interference.

When you spared 15, turn in the mission right away. I bombed it on my druid since I paused, and 6 patients kicked the bucket while I held up which turned ‘finished’ to ‘fizzle’.

You may bomb a couple of times, yet don’t surrender! You’ll get it down.

On the off chance that you despite everything can’t complete this, collaborate with another person who needs the mission, and does it simultaneously. A two-man group still just needs to spare 15 patients altogether, which is a lot simpler. 🙂

Undead persistent – > Critically Injured – Critically harmed patients will kick the bucket after you mend 2 different patients.

Troll persistent – > Badly Injured – Badly harmed patients will kick the bucket after you mend 4 different patients.

Orc persistent – > Injured – Injured patients make some long memories before they pass on.

Simply utilizing that essential information you can organize which ones to recuperate first and next, anyway simply start from the left, and afterward keep doing them all, they as a rule won’t kick the bucket before you have completed your round. I did it along these lines and finished it the first run through around.

225 – 240 Levels

30 x Mageweave Bandage – 30 Mageweave Cloth

240 – 260 Levels

Converse with Doctor GustafVanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor again to acquire Heavy Mageweave Bandages.

30 x Heavy Mageweave Bandage – 60 Mageweave Cloth

260 – 290 Levels

Converse with Doctor GustafVanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor again to acquire Runecloth Bandages.

50 x Runecloth Bandage – 50 Runecloth

290 – 300 Levels

At long last, at level 290 First Aid you can converse with Doctor GustafVanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor again to acquire Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

15 x Heavy Runecloth Bandage – 30 Runecloth

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