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Wristbands or Tickets – Which One Should You Use for Your Music Event

Wristbands or Tickets – Which One Should You Use for Your Music Event

Organizing a music festival means that you are going to have a lot on your plate. There are the major things that you need to worry about – the location, size of the space, lighting, sound system, and the artists.

But, there are also a lot of small things that are going to either make the event better or they are going to leave a negative feeling for the people who attend. Here, we are going to talk about one thing that may seem like a minor thing but will make a huge difference. Keep on reading to find out if you should use wristbands or tickets for your music event.

Why should you use wristbands?


First, let’s talk about the advantages that come with this option and why they are becoming more and more popular. The first and obvious reason is that they are far better, more comfortable, and definitely much harder to lose. Once the band is safely secured on the wrist, it is extremely unlikely for the guests to lose them. They cannot just slip from the wrist and they will not get damaged if they come in contact with liquids.

You can perfectly use them to color-coordinate your event, meaning people with different types of bands will be seated in different selections. It is going to cause far less confusion for everyone, and the attendees will easily find the area where they need to be. They are much harder to fake, copy, or resell, and no one will be able to take the band off without fully damaging it.

They are completely visible at all times, so you can know if someone is in a sector where they are not supposed to be. It is going to be much easier for everyone to coordinate, which means there won’t be any chaos at the entry, and things will get done faster.

Finally, the wristbands also help your guests create memories, and they can keep them forever and remember the experience they had at the music event.

Why should you use tickets?


Now let’s see why tickets are a better option. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of pros of this option except that it is nostalgic and your guests can feel like they are traveling in time. If you opt for online tickets and digital options, then you can help your guests show them on their phones without having to be marked in any way.

However, not everyone brings their phone everywhere, and it is pretty easy for people to swap them and reuse them. So, the final verdict is that you should opt for wristbands because they are trendy, better for the environment, and can easily be reused by different people.

Your guests can choose to make keychains from them, they can just keep them at home, or they can even continue wearing them. Save yourself a lot of resources and opt for this instead of wondering if someone managed to reuse your tickets and make you lose profits.

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