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Xbox One Update Will Make It Look Like Xbox Series X

Xbox One Update Will Make It Look Like Xbox Series X

Microsoft is releasing Xbox Series X software UI and the dashboard On Xbox One.

Interface and guide that exist would mostly remain the same as it is already on Xbox One. However, there would be some other changes such as some new rounded UI elements and big promises of speed improvements.

Despite these updates, the home section of the upcoming Xbox Series X would still load 50 percent faster than the existing Xbox One consoles. While these new dashboard design changes will also be available on the Xbox One.

In order to ensure 40 percent less memory on the Xbox series X, Microsoft has reduced the ‘weight’ of the Store, guide, and home screen.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has been slowly but surely tweaking the overall UI and UX in recent months before the Xbox Series X launch, because The current Xbox One dashboard has had a number of complaints regarding speed problems for what feels like ‘years’.

Microsoft is focusing on updated animations throughout the Xbox dashboard, rounded UI around elements, and more readable text, Other than the speed improvements.

Ahead of the Xbox Series X launch in November, developers are currently trying out This big update to the Microsoft Store for the Xbox guide interface which has been tweaked as parties and chats are now located in a single tab within the guide, so it looks more rounded.

with its new “Xbox Experience” and dashboard, Microsoft appears to be addressing the issue of sharing game clips on an Xbox One which has always been frustratingly slow. Now, a clip will be automatically sent to your phone when you capture it in a game on an Xbox One. This would make it easy and swift to share on social networks or with friends.

the big speed improvements will really be noticeable with the Xbox Series X, other than that, in the coming weeks, All of the updates shall be rolled out for Xbox One.

company has committed to launching its new console sometime in November, but as of now, there hasn’t been any announcement about an official release for Xbox Series X by Microsoft.

Xbox One Latest Update Details

With Xbox One’s major August 2024 system update, Microsoft has discussed the changes in detail that are coming with it.

A revamped user experience shall be featured, which makes it easier to move through the favorite apps in this update, As teased last week.

A new landing page, the Guide is getting, In particular, that’s “cleaner and easier to read at-a-glance,” notes Xbox.

This shall allow players to jump more quickly between apps, games, and recent activities in the Dashboard.

You’ll also be able to access new buttons at the bottom of the page for utilities like audio settings, search, and notifications. Also, customization of the order of the tabs that show up would also be available.

Meanwhile, the August update also adds a bell icon on the bottom of the Guide for a new notifications inbox that can be accessed. In a single feed message notifications, game invites and alerts are brought in the inbox.

Other than that, Microsoft is including a new version of the Xbox mobile app, that will soon be released for the beta, the inbox shall include notifications from across all Xbox apps.

Other changes include:

with update shortcuts to engage with posts more easily, blocks for Community Content, People and Game, reduction of metadata over posts. Also, for each party member new individual audio controls are there. Activity Feed has a new look

The August system update will roll out to all Xbox One users later this week.

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