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Average Cost of a Wedding in EU

Average Cost of a Wedding in EU

Getting married is a lot more than a procession where you say “yes”. There are a plethora of different factors you need to think about. From inviting all the guests, having a place for all of them, renting the space, and a lot more things. When you take a look at all of these, you will see that getting married in the US and UK is a lot more expensive than in some other countries.

So, getting married abroad can be a good move for you. Some companies can provide you with the service of organizing something like this. If you want to take a look at one of these, be sure to check

Now, let’s take a look at the average cost of organizing a wedding in EU countries.

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Costs in Different Countries

Before you calculate getting married in a certain country, we would point out a crucial segment. We are talking about the costs of flight tickets. When you do that, you are ready to take a look at some other elements.

Let’s start with the country where you will need to pay the most for this organization. We are talking about Spain. It’s no wonder the costs are so high. Just think about it, everyone would like to spend the best day of their lives in an area where the climate is stable and on the seashore. After Spain, Italy is the next one, and the costs are high for the same reasons.

After these two, we have France and Portugal. France is a dream come true for many people interested in getting married in Europe. We don’t believe it is necessary to point all the advantages of getting married in this country, they are well-known as it is. Portugal can be described as a cheaper alternative to Spain and Italy.

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Greece and Cyprus are much cheaper than these countries, but they can provide you with pretty much the same effect. Both of these countries are known for their beautiful climate and beaches. Probably the cheapest option for you would be to marry in Croatia.

The standard in this country is lower than in Greece and Cyprus, but when you take a look at some landscapes, you see some great spots where you can organize this kind of event. If you are interested in a somewhat different type of wedding, we would like to recommend you have an insight into some dreamy locations in Germany and Czechia.

What is the Average Cost?

When it comes down to the average costs of organizing a wedding in the EU, we would say that you are looking at least $10k to $12k. It all depends on the location, the number of attendees, and other aspects you want to include in the event.

The Bottom Line

Here, you can find all the crucial information about the costs of getting married on the old continent. These weddings got highly popular in the last two decades. That’s why you should think about this option when organizing the best day of your life.

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