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6 Basic Plumbing Tools that Every Homeowner Should Have in 2024

6 Basic Plumbing Tools that Every Homeowner Should Have in 2024

As a homeowner, you know how nice it is to live in a house, but also how much commitment it brings with it. There are a lot of unforeseen situations that can happen and that require an urgent reaction. Also a lot of regular maintenance needs to be performed in order for breakdowns to happen as rarely as possible so to avoid expensive repairs. That is why every homeowner needs to have different basic tools in order to be able to take care of his house in the right way.

Basic tools are a very broad term in this case, because it can include everything you need to maintain the house and yard. There are certain repairs, especially those that have to do with electricity, which should always be left to professionals because they are dangerous. But you can also do a lot on your own, including many things related to plumbing. Of course for some major interventions you will need to call a plumber, but minor repairs can always be a DIY project. But in order to be able to do anything yourself, you need to have at least basic tools. So read what are the basic plumbing tools that every homeowner should have.

  1. Plunger

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We start with the simplest and cheapest plumbing tool, but also with the most useful. It’s something that probably every one of us has in our home, and if you don’t, you have to buy it right away. Although there are various chemical products intended for clogged pipes, toilets and everything else you have in the house, plunger is better than all of those products. We will explain you way. If chemicals are used frequently, they can damage the pipes and are also very harmful to the environment.

But that’s why you can use the plunger whenever you need it, without fear that something will be damaged. There are many different types of plungers on the market, some are designed for toilets, others have different purposes, and the most common is the cup plunger and it is used for sinks. You should definitely have a cup one, and it’s recommended to have one intended for the toilet, because due to its shape, it is much more efficient for that task. In any case, don’t overlook the importance of having a plunger, as clogged sinks are the most common plumbing problem you will have.

  1. Set of wrenches

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It is very important that you invest money in a set of very high quality wrenches, because these tools will be useful not only for plumbing jobs, but also for everything else. One wrench is not enough, so you need to choose a set that has several different ones, because each project requires a different wrench. Of course, you don’t need a professional set that contains a dozen different ones, but a DIY set is enough, only thing that is important is to buy set of good quality, otherwise it will break easily.

And that will happen when you need it most. The most important thing is that the set contains an adjustable pipe wrench with which you will be able to screw the pipes. Remember that it is a heavy-duty tool and use it only for materials such as iron and not for minor repairs as it will damage or break the pipe. You also need a basin wrench that looks specific and is designed for faucets. There are a few more that the set should contain and that will be useful to you, but these two are the most important wrenches for plumbing work.

  1. Set of pliers

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Another type of tool that every homeowner needs for every DIY project, not just for those related to plumbing. So when you spend money on buying tools, you know you won’t have to buy anything different for another type of project. You need pliers to tighten all types of bolts, especially in places that are difficult to reach and where there is no room for wrench. It would also be good to buy a set of pliers, because you need at least 3 different types. We have one tip for you.

Needle nose pliers are not always included in the set of pliers, but you should find a set that contains them or buy them separately. Although you may not use them often, there are times when no tool other than needle nose pliers will be able to help. It is important that the set contains channel locks because you will use channel locks most often. In any case, before starting any DIY plumbing project, you should read more and learn how to do it the right way, because you can make disastrous mistake.

  1. Duct tape

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Do we need to emphasize that you must have duct tape at home? This multifunctional tape is applicable to so many different things, that even soldiers use it for first aid when they are wounded, and it is also used by NASA. It is important to buy a quality one, not one that breaks easily. You will need it to close some leaking hole or further strengthen sinks, etc.

  1. Caulk

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Caulk or silicone is the best friend of every plumber. These two materials are best for waterproofing and that is why you need to have a caulk or silicone and a silicone / caulk gun to make it easier to apply to places that are harder to reach. You should once a year apply silicone or caulk around the tub, toilet, sink and all other places that can leak.

  1. Protective gear

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As with any work of this kind, you need to have protective equipment. When working around plumbing, you generally can’t get hurt, and the biggest possibility is a hand injury. That is why we recommend that you have heavy-duty gloves. You need gloves so that they don’t cut, and you can also come into contact with various dirt and faeces, which is why you need them. In addition to gloves, it is always good to have goggles, as well as appropriate footwear.


In addition to these 6 basic tools that you must have, there are various other tools that will benefit you if you are skilled plumber and plan to do more serious projects. Then consider buying different types of saws and many other things.

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