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Can you Claim for Recovery Damages if the Accident Involves a Drunk Driver?

Can you Claim for Recovery Damages if the Accident Involves a Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving is a menace and has resulted in a lot of horrendous accidents all over the world. Every year, many people lose their lives or get grievously injured due to drunk driving cases. It is often the negligence of the driver who was drunk that resulted in such unfortunate events, and sometimes the unsuspecting pedestrians become the victims of such accidents.

It is imperative to sue drunk drivers and claim compensation from them. Many states have made strict laws to help curb this menace. The law is framed such that it acts as a deterrent, but such instances are not completely done with. Accidents do occur many times because of the driver drinking or drunk while driving a car. He not only puts his own but others’ lives in danger. It is legally permissible and apt to sue him in a civil court. He must face penalties or punishment once his fault and culpability are proven in court. As punishment, the person may have to pay hefty fines, serve a jail sentence, and result in restitution.

Often, the accidents resulting from the driver being drunk at the time of driving are so severe that lives are lost, or people get grievously injured and disabled for life. The law seeks punishment for such people who were responsible for shattering the lives of so many people. Victims of such unfortunate events can file a complaint and then a civil legal suit in court to seek damages. Although monetary compensation is no way to make your pain, suffering away can help you meet your medical expenses and other expenses resulting from loss of a job or regular work hours due to the accident. The victim can use the money received as compensation to make ends meet if he has lost his job due to the accident. He will also need a lot of money in his prolonged medical treatment, doctor’s fee, and tests.

Facts Related To Drunk Driving

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Statistics indicate more than one hundred and eleven people in the US driving a vehicle when drunk. The governments have tried to curb this problem by bringing laws, putting in systems and practices, and make people aware of this issue, but the figures are quite alarming. It makes us sit back and ponder how this problem can be controlled, and the guilty can be punished. Despite many efforts made by the law and order authorities, they can catch only a minuscule percent of so many cases. It is sad to see so many people getting away unfinished after shattering the lives of others because of their negligence.

It is prudent to note that some accidents may be minor ones with victims getting away with minor injuries, but some accidents can be truly horrendous and snuffing away the lives of people involved. It is time that this problem is given a rethink, and stricter laws are created so that every drunk driver gets punished for his folly. It is possible only when more people are made aware of this problem and facts are circulated to show the gravity of the situation.

The victim of such cases finds his normal life snatched away from him. Even if he is physically fine after some time, the mental scars after the accident stay with them, sometimes for their entire lives. Filing a civil suit in court is one way to find retribution for all their pain, suffering, and mental and physical agony they are subjected to due to the other person’s criminal behavior.

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Hiring a car accident attorney will not bring solace to the soul but can help someone on your side help you recover from diverse financial losses. Having a personal injury lawyer on board is the first step towards moving forward to a normal life. It is easier said than done. Hire Dennis Hernandez, a seasoned and experienced Tampa car accident attorney and discuss your case with them, and starts the legal proceedings.

Hiring the lawyer must take your most attention and focus as his expertise will help you get a suitable compensation claim from the court. Spend some time looking for such an attorney. Do not rely on internet searches alone. Try seeking recommendations from people who have been in such a situation and used the services of a personal injury lawyer. Talk to several lawyers before choosing the one who can help you get legal justice.

Once you have hired the lawyer, it is important to share pertinent details with him. Handover any document you may have to help create a solid case. You will have to give medical documents, complaint reports, employment records, and more to use the information in the case. Law and order authorities insist on blood alcohol concentration tests to check the level of alcohol in the bloodstream of the drunk driver. Ask for this report and use it to strengthen your case. If the test results are beyond certain levels, it is considered criminal culpability, and the victim can demand heavy compensation. The attorney shall help in filing the lawsuit and present all important facts in the court to get a fair hearing from the judge.

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If the guilt of the driver is proved in court, he is slapped with a heavy fine and imprisonment for a set period. The fine levied on the person along with the h=jail time is dependent on the injuries sustained by the victim, loss of life in a few cases, loss of job, permanent disability, and more factors. Thus, it is important to prove these details in court.

The monetary amount received by the victim or the next of kin is usually used to rebuild shattered lives. It is just one of the ways to try and lead a normal life as much as possible. It will not lessen the sorrow and suffering of the victims but will bring a sense of peace to mind knowing that they could get justice from the law of the land.

Drunk driving is a growing menace and extinguishing many lives in its wake. The time has come to take concrete steps to overcome this problem and make roads safe for everyone.

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