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Overview Of Credit Card Processing And Its Working

Overview Of Credit Card Processing And Its Working

The procedure of processing credit cards is quite complicated to understand. Everyone desires to get the experience of positive payment processing. Nowadays, every person who owns a bank account has credit and debit cards. There is no need to carry cash if you own these cards. It is necessary to pick the perfect method by credit cards for company payments to provide enough support to cards, and you must understand the concept and know how it works. In the following write-up, we will discuss everything in detail.

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Involved Parties


The procedure while card swiping involves many parties. Such as:

  1. Merchant: He is the person who receives payment from any buyer. Every company owner must understand the concept of operating credit cards.
  2. Issuing Bank: It is the cardholder’s bank, which issues different types of credit cards to consumers. It is easy to do any purchases. On the other hand, the cardholder needs to pay the entire amount in the bank after some time as per the rules.
  3. Cardholder: The person who has the credit card is known as the cardholder. This card is generally used for making any payment.
  4. Card Association: You might have heard of many cards like VISA, or Mastercard. These are known as the governing bodies instead of banks with rates of interchange. You must improve and handle their networks.
  5. Payment Processor: The entire procedure of processing, as well as purchasing, is handled by a credit card company. It takes care of all the payments by different cards.
  6. Acquiring Bank: It is the merchant bank, which keeps all the funds. The merchant can get the money from the sale. The bank accepts the sales funds after authorization.

Payment Process


Understand the entire procedure of making the payment by credit cards. Whenever any consumer swipes any card, all the mentioned parties are involved. Consider all the mentioned steps to determine the entire process.

  1. Look for the item that you need to purchase by using any credit card.
  2. The terminal is there through which you swipe any credit card. The devices detect the card and get information about the company.
  3. All the card details are then verified.
  4. The company sends the entire transaction to the merchant’s bank. The entire operation is done with the help of a highly-certified service provider.
  5. The merchant’s bank provides the payment by depositing it to the merchant’s account.
  6. The monthly statement is then sent via email to the merchant or any customer by the month-end. The statement consists of all the transactions in that month. There is a certain fee set by different companies of credit cards to receive payments for different merchants.

Fees for Processing


It is necessary to determine the information regarding the involved parties along with the concept of fee, i.e., is deducted while making any transaction. All the companies for issuing credit cards processed charges with their rates of interchange. Let us consider different fee types.



This fee is combined with every transaction that you make. The entire payment is divided into interchange and cents. It is a mandatory fee implemented while processing a credit card. A company has different rates, and you must consider the fees when you own these cards.

If we talk about interchange rate, then it depends on the card type. It is an expensive procedure for the company to handle various things like perks, rewards, etc., on their card. If we talk about the lowest business cards, then consider the debit cards.



Many providers look for opportunities to make an additional profit, and it is possible by asking for extra from merchants. You can see the difference on the monthly statement.

It is not required while accepting payments for credit cards. It is necessary to check the monthly fees mentioned on the monthly credit card statement to determine different fee types like IRS, funding, etc.


Many people do not believe that there are fee types that are implemented on transactions. But you can also easily get the clue of these fees like PCI, terminal, setup, termination, verification of address, retrieval, chargeback, etc. It is necessary to keep a close eye on these things to prevent additional profits by various merchant providers.

Technology Used for Processing Payments


There is a difference in accepting different payments by different businesses. Let us consider some technologies used while running those companies.

Online Invoicing

For billing, it is necessary to create an invoice for every business. Many companies focus on manual approaches like excel templates. A lot of time is wasted while creating invoices with connectivity loss with the data.

EMV Smart Terminal


If you consider payment processing for some locations, then the physical card terminals are the perfect ones. If anyone is approaching you for making the payment, it is the perfect thing that can happen to any company. The machine must have EMV as well as NFC technology for enabling such payments.

Mobile-based Payments

Many companies are by mobile card applications for getting payments. In this way, one can make a transaction anytime. It is a big change for many companies.

Shopping Cart on Ecommerce sites


If you run an eCommerce business, then you can provide various gateways for payment to various consumers. It is easy to reach the audience and sell your products and services. The processing of payment is not easy because it includes a provider call for activation of different gateways.


It is the perfect solution for retailers or restaurants. There are massive machines along with a screen to register cash as well as other card-related payments. Ensure that you do enough research while installing such a machine in your business.


If you are considering any certain payment for an application or website, then consider API. This technology helps n integrating the proprietary applications and makes the best technique for processing credit card solutions for various companies.


It is necessary to determine the concept of the processing credit card system because it involved many parties, technologies, fees, and much more. No matter whether you are a merchant or cardholder, you must know how it works. For more information, visit

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