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Biggest Mistakes that Pokies Players Have Made

Biggest Mistakes that Pokies Players Have Made

Out of all the mistakes that players make when visiting casinos, some of the most remarkable ones were observed at the slot machines. When asked, former casino employees where more than happy to list out the many ways you can go wrong. Not just in how you play, but also in which games you’re choosing to play. Yes, there are more differences between different slot games than their themes. They are not all made equal!

Making the Minimum Bet Every Time


A lot of slot players love these games because they are cheaper than the $10 dollar minimums they would find at blackjack or baccarat tables. However, the rules are no different in slots than in other games. Because it still applies that the bigger the risk the greater the potential reward. In fact, in certain games, it’s not even worth playing at all unless you are making the maximum bet.

For example, progressive slot games notoriously require the maximum bet per spin or you don’t stand a chance of winning the jackpot that caught your eye in the first place. If you’re ever unsure what wagers can lead to which prizes, then check the pay table of the game and spin accordingly.

Not Stopping at the Right Time


It’s happened on multiple occasions where casino employees have witnessed someone winning a large jackpot. Or be ahead by several thousand and continue playing until they have lost it all back. It’s one of the saddest things that happen and it’s all due to poor self-control by players.

Of course, greed also plays a part, when you’re up, you might feel like it’s your lucky day. And get greedy about how much more you can win. This can temporarily cause you to ignore a few losses, then a few more, until you’re back to square one.

Choosing Games Based on Aesthetic


Check out reputable online casinos like lottothaibet, and you will find virtually hundreds of slot games at different online casinos. They pretty much come in every theme and variant you could possibly imagine. And even some that you couldn’t come up with in your wildest dreams.

Indeed, there is something for everyone in the world of online slots. However, all too often users will choose a game based solely on how it looks and forget why they are playing it in the first place. It’s fine to explore different game titles, but keep in mind that sometimes the biggest pokie wins happen on the oldest or most simple-looking games.

For instance, Megabucks and Mega Moolah have been around for decades and are still the highest-paying slot games in history.


Checking out new slot games can be a lot of fun, especially when you aren’t too focused on winning and just want to have some fun. But if your true aim is to hit a huge jackpot, then then avoiding common mistakes by previous winners and choosing the best games will go a very long way.

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