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5 Most Unique Birthday Gifts

5 Most Unique Birthday Gifts

Do you find it harder to know what to buy a loved one every year? No matter whether it’s your partner, parent, family member, or friend, buying unique birthday gifts can feel like a chore.

Rather than buying a material gift, a safer option is to buy a gift experience. Sending your loved ones for a day out somewhere is often more memorable, exciting, and appreciated than the standard jumper, wine, and chocolates.

1. Tank Driving Experience


If you’re looking for a unique birthday experience that will surprise and excite the recipient, gifts don’t come much more surprising than a tank driving experience.

The exhilarating off-road adventure involves taking control of a 15-ton Grenadier-Schützenpanzer armored tank complete with a mounted gun. You can go with them and man the gun! Enhanced by a varied terrain of sandpits, wasteland, and wooded areas, a tank driving experience promises to be a day that will stick in the memory for a long time.

2. Airsoft Skirmish


If you’ve not heard of Airsoft, it’s a cross between paintball and war. Except with soft air pellets that don’t hurt like getting soaked with a paintball. They don’t kill you like real bullets either – but the experience is similar to being on an actual battlefield.

The growing popularity of Airsoft means that skirmishes are attended by hundreds of people – which gives both teams the opportunity to engage in a fascinating battle. You’re also kitted out with military equipment such as AEG Rifles and tactical vests. You can also purchase smoke bombs and grenades.

3. Sailboat Ride


A yachting experience is something that seems obvious yet few people have ever tried. Sure you’ve lazed in a motorboat on your holiday to Spain, but you’ve never mastered the rigs.

It’s possible to buy sailboat rides and get involved. You’ll literally be shown the ropes so be prepared for a cardiovascular workout. The exercise alone will leave the recipient feeling great afterward.

4. Porsche On Ice


Who wouldn’t love to drive a Porsche? Who wouldn’t love to drive a Porsche 911 on ice? If you pop over to Finland you can! When the lake ices over, the Swedes in Mount Are change the tires and rev up the 300 horsepower engine to fly across the ice.

This adrenaline-charged driving experience will bring your loved one maximum driving pleasure. And don’t worry, they will be trained how to handle the vehicle by a fully-qualified instructor on a specially-equipped training course.

5. Dance Classes


Dance classes may not be everybody’s first choice as a gift for a loved one, but they can bring a number of positive benefits. Because dancing is a social event, it’s an opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills.

Music and dance are also good for improving physical and mental health. Dancing is known to be good for stress relief, increasing flexibility to help with joint pains, and boosting the immune system. It can even help you manage weight.

Researchers have found a link between dancing and cognitive function. It can help to improve your memory. As we get older, the hippocampus naturally shrinks which often leads to impaired memory and dementia. Dancing can, therefore, be an ideal and unique gift for aging parents.

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