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4 Things To Have In Mind When Ordering Flowers For International Delivery

4 Things To Have In Mind When Ordering Flowers For International Delivery

Flowers remains one of the most common gifts today because of the symbolic it represents. It is always a great solution to choose this option for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and many other occasions. Fresh plants and bouquets are the most popular choices.

The great thing is that you can now surprise a person in almost any location in the world by using international delivery services. Therefore, you can pay for a flowers delivery in Ghaziabad or send flower to Pune.

Before you decide on the type of flowers and where to send them, it is essential to learn more about this feature. There are many delivery services available today, but not all of them are a good choice when it comes to flower delivery.

When you are choosing a method for sending flowers, the first thing to know is that there is a difference when sending them in your area and some other country. Here are the most important things to have in mind when ordering flowers for international delivery.

Selection of the Store is Very Important


Since it is a very popular option as a gift, there is a wide selection of stores where you can find all kinds of flowers. However, the quality of service and available plants are the main difference between professional flower shops and less-reliable options. The store must be trustworthy.

If there is a species you are interested in, they should be honest with the condition it requires for safe delivery. For example, some flowers might need more sun, or they will wither in only a couple of days. That leaves some space for making a mistake since the flowers could wither before getting to the targeted location.

With the expansion of online platforms in recent years, finding a good store became much easier. The easiest solution would be to check the ones in your area since you can see how the plants look like in public.

On the other side, searching for online services provides some benefits as well, especially if the delivery time is longer than a week. Therefore, you can look for stores in the area of the person you want to surprise, and secure that the present will be received in good condition.

Also, we have to mention that there are professional delivery services specialized in securing great conditions for plants and providing the best service when you want to send this type of present to some distant country. They will help you with choosing the best option and provide safe packaging.

Different Requirements of Flowers


As we already mentioned, there is a difference related to various species and what level of treatment they require during delivery. For instance, it is not a good idea to send a fresh bouquet on a delivery where the shipping will last more than a few days.

There are some alternatives, like flowerpots or fake flowers. You should learn more about the species and what would be the best option. There are flowers in flowerpots that you can simply send by using the standard delivery service only by placing them in a good package that will prevent damage.

However, most plants will require sun and water, which is the main reason why professional service is always the best solution. On the other side, if the select type is too sensitive, you should consider finding an alternative like ordering online in an area where the person lives.

Delivery Time Can Be an Issue


The time needed for delivery can also lead to some mistakes. That is especially important when you are looking for this option as a way to surprise someone for a special date like a birthday, anniversary, and more. It is crucial to set the date of the delivery to be on that particular day.

Still, it can be tricky with standard delivery services. In most cases, they will set a flexible time of arrival, which means that they cannot guarantee accuracy. In case that you need an option that will secure the delivery on a particular date, you should avoid standard services.

Sending packages to a distant country might require shipping that will last for more than two weeks, and you can never know the accurate date of arrival. It can be a problem when the key point of the delivery is surprising someone on some special occasion.

In case that you cannot find a reliable option for international delivery, focus on the research of flower stores in an area where you want to send the package. Considering the popularity of these stores, there should be no problems when it comes to finding the right one.

Spend More Time Researching


The biggest mistake would be to rush with your decision related to the selection of the store, delivery services, and type of flowers. These are all important factors that could affect the condition of the present when it arrives. In that matter, you should create a list of available solutions and compare the benefits and potential downsides of each one of them.

Your budget can be an important factor as well, especially if you are interested in a specialized flower delivery company. On the other hand, focusing only on finding the most affordable solution increases the risks of making a mistake.


It is always a great possibility when you can cheer someone with a nice flower even if that person lives in a distant country. Still, it is essential to secure that the delivery will arrive on the right day and that the package will remain in good condition, which is the main challenge when you are sending flowers.

In case that the risks of damaging the plant are high, the best way is to look for some alternative methods to safely send the same option, and the best one is to select some store in an area of the recipient.

It is not complicated and there are many services specialized in this area. You only need to learn more about the requirements and to compare various solutions to find the one that will be the most suitable for your budget, timing, and personal preferences.

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