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Paper Mario The Origami King review


Paper Mario: Origami King (First Impressions Review)

Paper Mario: Origami King (First Impressions Review)

Paper Mario games are not new, in fact, it’s been 20 years already since Nintendo is been publishing these games. With “Origami King” the developer studio “Intelligent Systems” has created a new angle to experience the world of the latest Mario game for this year. Hop on for a quick dive and new challenges that Mario has to face.

This review will explore the game mechanics and new changes brought to the series without any spoilers.

A new world, New Game

The game has had major shifts from flat plane based stages to the nonlinear open world. The flat combat based systems have changed with the circular rotating, arena. There are a whole new world and different areas to explore. Which are gorgeously built like folds of origami. Origami King feels like a new game built from the ground up but it all keeps the charm of the nostalgic paper Mario games brilliantly.

Exploring the Origami World of this paper Mario

Let’s start with the exploration of this new origami world. For starters, there are toads everywhere to find. The Evil paper adversaries have either transformed toads into other beings or trapped in/under different places all over this free to roam the world.

Bring them to their original form can earn points and freeing them is the new highlight of the gameplay.

Combating Origami enemies

Apart from its huge open world, the next noticeable big change is the complete revamp of the fight system a.k.a. combat mechanics. It had been changed into a circular moving arena styled system over the flat plane based old system. In this arena when you are fighting different enemies. And all the toads that you have been recused are there to support you.

Mario can change each rotatable disk that has enemies and then can align them to finish off in one move as he is in the center of these disks. This feels easy when compared to when having a boss fight where the monster is in the circle and Mario is dodging on the moveable disks.

Broadway and Mini-Games

World of Origami King is filled with tons of puzzles and side quests that act as their own standalone mini-games. Similarly, the game has included a Broadway-like theatre. Where Mario puts on a show for the audience of toads. But this time these acts look like well-written acts rather than fillers for the gameplay time.

The Verdict

All in all, every change Nintendo has brought to this new game is welcomed. The fans and critics have been positive with what Origami King has to offer to the massive fanbase. and DLCs will tell how does this stack up against other Mario games.

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