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The Epic Bike Racer RIDE 4 Coming For All Platforms!

The Epic Bike Racer RIDE 4 Coming For All Platforms!

Are You a bike fan? If so you do not need to wait much longer, because, RIDE 4 which is possibly the best bike racer is almost out, its release date is October 8th, 2024. The game would be released for Microsoft Xbox One, PC and Sony PS4.

if you’re thinking about getting the next-gen consoles, Do not worry, Milestone has got you covered, they are releasing RIDE 4 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The release dates and the next-gen details are now confirmed.

all bike lovers should Get set and ready to experience the ultimate two-wheel racing. Get your systems and devices in order if you own the current-gen like PC, PS4, and Xbox One by this mid-October. But if you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll be able to play the game on 21st January 2024.

The latest iteration of the series takes inspiration from the famous, and fan-loved predecessors that were RIDE 3 and RIDE 2.

There is another good news for the epic bike racer ‘RIDE 4’, It is that the players shall be able to get the free upgrade for PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X in January if they have already purchased the PS4 version of the game. This is valid till April 30th, 2024,  and yes, all already purchased DLCs shall be included as well. Similarly, due to the Smart Delivery feature, those who own the Xbox One version shall be able to upgrade to the Xbox Series X version of the game, and that too all for free.

RIDE 4 Details

In case if you’re wondering how the new RIDE 4 is going to look and feel? To answer that, you’ll get to see adrenaline-filled and fast-paced races all over the world while riding a 200 HP bike, get ready to experience the excitement that awaits you.

As for the looks, the game will feature a resolution up to 4K with shinier and smoother gameplay running at 60FPS.

You’ll get have a glimpse of never seen before level of detail both for environments and bikes with the highest quality textures and shaders. Get ready to drive your bikes with maximum power next-gen has to offer.

Thanks to the high potential of next-generation consoles, the biking experience shall be even more thrilling, satisfying, and accurate. Races of all types, whether offline or online would be much more competing. There could be as many as 20 riders racing for the victory.

Yes, still there is more to it. To let players have real-life like feels for their bikes, PS5 DualSense advanced haptic feedback feature will come into play by giving them the realistic vibrations. To give a tough grip on Gas and brakes’ levers, resistance would be felt in the triggers.

And yes obviously, loading times will be greatly be decreased because of the SSD hard disk. That means smooth gameplay experience during races and shorter waiting times.

while speeding at 300 km/h, The game shall allow players to better immerse into the environments, much faster streaming of textures.

Would you be picking up the new RIDE 4? Are you excited for this new game? Let us know in the comments section.

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