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The Sales of Resident Evil 7 Are Increasing Tremendously

The Sales of Resident Evil 7 Are Increasing Tremendously

Till February Resident Evil 7 was placed behind Resident evil 6 and 7. Resident Evil 7 was placed at the 3rd number after Resident 5 and 6. Then the era of Resident Evil 7 started. The company also started its efforts to make resident 7 the best selling product in the Resident Evil series. According to Capcom’s recent sales figures, Resident Evil 7 has surpassed all other Resident Evil games with total sales of 7.9 million copies which took the game ahead of all other Capcom series except one.

The sale figures could have been much different if Capcom had listed other major parts like Resident Evil Gold together with Resident Evil 7 and fellow parts.

There is one game that is ahead of Resident Evil 7 named Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World is one of the most popular games of Capcom with total sales of 16.1 million copies. These figures are equal to two Resident Evil series if put together.

But if we keep in mind the slow opening of resident evil 7 as compared to games that enjoyed major revenue earning opening months, 7.9 million is way better because resident evil did not get much fame at the start but the game got a long tail.

While keeping in mind the sales of Resident Evil 7, we cannot ignore Resident Evil 2 remake with total sales of 7.2 million copies which makes the game Capcoms 4th the best selling game and their 5th most selling product.

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