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Get Ready To Dogfight With New Star Wars Squadrons, Trailer And Details Released!

Get Ready To Dogfight With New Star Wars Squadrons, Trailer And Details Released!

It was not quite sure as to exactly what would be shown under the umbrella of “world premiere new look” at the title, When it was announced that Star Wars Squadrons would also participate in the event, Until now.

At Gamescom Opening Night Live, this time going deep into the single-player with a peek of in-game footage and narration from the team at EA Motive, some new and other fresh glimpses of Star Wars Squadrons gameplay has been released. Along with full support for Oculus Rift VR, PSVR, and Steam VR, on October 2nd, 2024, Star Wars Squadrons is coming to all current-gen platforms such as PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

However, there has also been news about it being revealed on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but, at the moment there aren’t much details on that.

Star Wars Squadrons shall feature both a multiplayer mode and a single-player campaign and cost exactly $39.99.

Plot For Star Wars Squadrons

You, as a pilot go “behind enemy lines” into a New Republic planet, in The mission which is shown in the trailer, from the Imperial campaign, and find and take a secret agent named Thorn from an outpost in the orbit. Escorting an Imperial shuttle to safety while taking out defensive installations and all other things that can be expected from a dogfight, are the aim of the mission.

One of the best scenes for nerds who read all those Rogue Squadron books back in the day is when Wedge Antilles is also shown in a brief cutscene. Other than this, the things which are highlighted about the Star Wars Squadrons are what we already mostly knew.

The story is set after the Star Wars Return of the Jedi and Battle of Endor. As the Empire fights for survival and the New Republic rises You’ll jump back and forth between the two sides. Having said that, we would be able to customize and create our own character for both sides. made up of original characters, We will go with the Empire’s Titan Squadron and the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron. There shall be some familiar faces as well.

With traditionally styled interactions, briefings in your squad, and missions, There’s a lot in common with the classic Tie Fighter games and X-Wing. But utilizing the latest tech, all of that now looks fantastic because it is designed in modern graphics.

With support, bomber, a fighter, and interceptor for both sides There’s a total of eight ships in Star Wars Squadrons with each having a specific role in the battle.

Over 50 components of your ship can be altered and/or customized after You unlock them. ship’s loadout can also be altered.

There are a few different modes for multiplayer other than the Previously revealed 5v5 multiplayer.

With Fleet Battles being the signature mode, dogfight is the standard deathmatch mode. These all battles are multi-staged i.e. where you first fight in order to win the dogfight, right in the middle of the map before attacking or defending the capital ships, and then ultimately taking it to the flagship to defend or destroy the main key components and conquer the battle. These modes shall be playable in both players vs player and Player vs enemy modes.

Battles shall be taking place around a mixture of new as well as familiar locations. With locations such as the shattered moon of Galitan gas and giant Yavin Prime.

What do you think of the new Star Wars Squadrons trailer? Are you excited for the game? Let us know about your ideas in the comments below.

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