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Check Out Tell Me Why Chapter One Now!

Check Out Tell Me Why Chapter One Now!

At the top of the storytelling game charts, spanning Over the course of the recent few years, A unique spot has earned by DONTNOD Entertainment.

For PC and Xbox One, with the three-part release of Tell Me Why, they are making a comeback by delivering a similar experience once again.

With the hugely underrated Remember Me, DONTNOD made its debut onto the scene. Then, with the launch of the Life Is Strange series, DONTNOD became a household name, first, it told us The Adventures of Captain Spirit by the tale of young Max. After that Diaz brothers on a trip through Mexico were followed by the players.

It seems that the upcoming release of the awesome looking Twin Mirror game ‘Tell Me Why’ has gained much of the focus. Narrative adventure fans are to be fed really good according to their appetite by the new ‘Tell Me Why’.

Out of the three parts that it ultimately plans to release, First is going to be Releasing today. On PC (which requires Xbox Play Anywhere support) and Xbox One, we are thrusted into the lives of Alyson Ronan and Tyler who are twins from a small Alaskan town, in a new mystery tale, by DONTNOD named ‘Tell Me Why’.

As their memories from a trobled childhood come to haunt again, we get the opportunity to discover the intimate story behind them. Tell Me Why’s story stands on this emotional roller coaster.

To provide enough of a backstory to really let us delve deep into the Ronan twins, right at this very moment, Chapter 1 of Tell Me Why is available. on the 3rd of September, Chapter 1 shall be followed by the second chapter, with things rounded off by the concluding piece, which shall be released a week later on the 10th.

All Xbox Game Pass players get to go on this journey for free, thanks to Xbox Game Studios. Otherwise, one shall be able to get the Tell Me Why at a price of £24.99. this just amplifies the feel further, If you liked the Game Pass subscription and thought it was good already.

Story Teaser For Tell Me Why

The studio behind the beloved franchise, Life is Strange i.e. DONTNOD Entertainment, Tell Me Why is the latest story driven adventure game.

Rejoined twins Alyson Ronan and Tyler, this gripping mystery based story, use their miraculous close attachment to discover the hidden truths of their memorable but tense childhood. Tell Me Why covers ‘almost real-life’ characters, their tough decisions and wise themes As you unravel past memories, twins’ relationship shall be affected by your choices. Set in eye-pleasing small-town Alaska, find out the true strength of the mutual relationship, and channel the course of life.

In conclusion,  This ‘Tell Me Why’ is promising. when described like that Tell me why seems a lot more amazing and suspenseful- All the story can be told here but why ruin it and spoil the fun together? Pick it up and try it out yourself.

However, before playing, know one thing that Tell Me Why is not a thrilling, action-packed game. It is not a game meant to make you a conqueror. It is not a usual, everyday game that will be a good ‘timepass’ to watch.

It’s a game that quietly has an effect on you and secretly asks you to be a good person.

Available for purchase on Windows 10, Steam and Xbox One, Tell Me Why is spread across three chapters, all of which shall release in the 2024 summer. With Xbox Game Pass and can be downloaded for free.

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