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5 Tips For Arranging Your Small Succulent Garden in 2024

5 Tips For Arranging Your Small Succulent Garden in 2024

Each and every one of us would like to have a huge garden where we can plant whatever we want, to have fountains and many other things. If you have ever been to the Jardins du Château de Versailles (The Gardens of Versailles) or a similar garden in the royal palaces, you must have thought that you would want something similar. But of course we can only fantasize about that.

The reality is that we are privileged if we have any garden, no matter how small. We live in cities and that is why any green oasis we can afford is a wonderful thing. But then we have to think carefully about how we will arrange this small space to be as beautiful as possible and also not to be overcrowded. We have a great solution for you, and these are succulents. Whether you want a modern or rustic look, succulents will fit perfectly. There are also so many different types, so you will always find a few that are a perfect fit. Keep reading this text to learn more about succulents, and we will also give you tips for arranging your small succulent garden.

What are succulents?

Although you may not know the name, you have seen plants from this family many times. Probably the most famous is Aloe Vera because of its multiple beneficial effects. This is a type of flower that does not require a lot of water or care and that is why it is such a good option. The most important thing is to have enough light. But even if they don’t have enough light, they can last for a longer period of time, they will only lose their color, but they will regain it as soon as they are exposed to the sun again. That is why they are very often the choice when someone is looking for indoor plants.

Tips for arranging

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  1. Choose the right type of soil

The most common cause of death of this type of plant is poor soil selection. They do not tolerate heavy soil that contains a lot of clay, which, although considered fertile, is not suitable for them at all. Only a small amount of clay is suitable, while an excess can lead to death. It is best to mix inorganic substances and potting mix that you can buy in specialized stores. Then mix it all with water.

You will easily check if you have made a good mix, you just need to make a ball of soil and if it does not fall apart, then it can cause your plant to rot. You can also put a gravel on the bottom of the pot so that the water can flow freely. If you think you are going to choose the wrong soil or pot, you can buy potted succulents. As you can see at potted succulents come in various colors, assortments, and shapes so you will always find what you need.

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  1. Choosing the right pot

As we have already said, it is very important that the water can flow freely from the plants, otherwise it can happen that the root rots. That is why it is necessary to buy a pot that has drainage holes. You will cover the hole with something so that the soil does not fall out. Once you have found the ones that have drainage holes, it is your turn to choose the material from which the pots are made. There is a very large selection. Pots made of ceramic are a very good choice, both for plants and aesthetically. The only drawback is the weight, so they are not suitable if you plan to move them often.

Plastic is often used, as for any other in today’s world. It is light and cheap, and due to the progress of plastic processing, it generally looks good. Of course, other materials will always look more attractive. You also have wood ones, which is usually used if you want to fit everything perfectly in your garden and make everything natural. The metal ones look nice, but the downside is that the plants get too hot in them. And glass, no matter how attractive, usually does not have a drainage hole, which is a problem.

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  1. Match colors

Succulents offer you huge possibilities when it comes to matching colors, as they exist in almost every color you can imagine. So get creative and make a beautiful small succulent garden. You can make it look like a rainbow. Some of the plants are monochromatic, while others are colorful so you can blend in however you want. But don’t do it randomly, blend textures and colors when there are already so many different types available to you.

  1. Don’t forget the need for light

As we have already said, this family of plants can survive for some time and with very little light. But then they become pale and you lose your attractiveness. So when you position your small garden, don’t forget to pay attention to whether the plants will have enough light. This is of course especially important if you are gardening indoors. Also, not every succulent is the same, so research in advance what light needs it has. Don’t mix those who need a lot of light with those who like a low light environment.

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  1. Water regularly

Now that you have chosen the right pots, bought the soil, ideally matched all the colors and positioned it in the right place, you have to water your plants regularly. As when we talked about light, the same is true with water. Some succulents need more water and some less. So combine those with the same needs. But there is no one that does not need regular watering. Also, you need to be careful not to water it too much, as it will rot. The easiest way to determine this is to inspect the leaves. Since succulents store water in the leaves, if they are too thin, more water is needed. Simple as that.


Even if you have a larger space, a small succulent garden will greatly contribute to the overall look of the whole space. You can also beautify the indoor space that way. The possibilities that this type of plant offers you are huge. Also, they are not poisonous, so you don’t have to worry about people and children. It is up to you to use all the tips we have given you in order to better prepare the soil for these plants and beautify the space. When we analyze everything, succulents are, due to all their characteristics, one of the best plants that you can choose for both indoor and outdoor space.

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