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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Trailer

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Trailer

Lets returns back to the world of DC Comics, and end the suspense and rumors surrounding the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Warner bros own Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will be from the Rocksteady Studio.

The game is about somewhat ‘reformed’ band of supervillains, who, sometimes by mistake, get the idea to do good.

We’ve already seen the trailer and familiar with the games’ name that is  Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, We even have a release window at our hands for the game. The game is set to be launched sometime in 2024. Which is a little far away.

We were able to get the game’s first glimpse at the DC FanDome panel. The very first trailer for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League also revealed the line up for the Suicide Squad game. It includes all of our favorite heroes. Starting from Harley Quinn, Kingshark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang. All of these will be ‘playable’ characters.

The name ‘Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League’ clearly suggests that it’s the bad guys in trouble this time. The first trailer also confirmed this assumption. Suicide Squad has taken it upon themselves to kill the Justice League. Now that’s interesting.

Plot Of Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Sefton, co-founder, and  Rocksteady creative director spoke after the trailer’s debut. He established key details about Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League game.

From release date to characters, and from story to gameplay, this is all we know for now;

They display outstanding performances. The action is dynamic and gripping. And it does complete justice to the series’ jolly, yet high-suspense pitch.

The plot of the game Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League seems just like the plot of the Suicide Squad comic books.

The all-time notorious villains of the DC Universe are made to sign a contract by the government. Their job is to first form a Task Force named as ‘Task Force X’, and the carry out secret missions in order to earn a full pardon for their crimes.

Also, as it shows, Brainiac has something to do with a reason for the Justice League to suddenly turn bad.

The game features an open-world style in a Metropolis. Every playable character “has their own unique set of moves with enhanced traversal abilities to freely explore the dynamic open-world of Metropolis, along with a variety of weapons to customize and skills to master.”

Suicide Squad will be a 1 to 4 player co-op experience. As we watched in the trailer, the four playable characters will be, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot.

If one decides to play Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League in a single-player mode, Rocksteady says it’ll be completely playable. The computer or bots will take up the role of the other three characters.

Or if one decides to play multiplayer with friends, one can do this with up to three other friends, becoming a full, four-player squad.

Obviously, each Suicide Squad character has their own unique weapons.

Deadshot rocks wrist-cannons and a flame-spitting jetpack.

Harley Quinn has her signature baseball bat for a deadly effect.

King Shark has a huge gun and dual cleavers.

There is, I think, absolutely no need to explain Captain Boomerang’s weapon of choice. We already know that.

You seriously don’t wanna mess with this squad. And Yes, you get to play all of them.

Suicide Squad Kill The ‘Superman’

An image has been tweeted by the video game developer showing the one and only Man of Steel, in a sinisterly way, in the crosshairs.

Superman also shows himself in the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League first trailer.

In a plot twist, His Eyes turned red and mercilessly taking out an innocent pilot. This Superman seemed clearly evil… and apparently ready to take out Task Force X.

This is clearly not the Superman we are used to.

Platforms For Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

With the release window of 2024, One could easily expect that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League won’t be coming on the current-generation platforms. Hence, it would only be launching on  Xbox Series X, PC, PS5.

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