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The Polish Government Introduced a Minecraft Platform for Housebound Children

Poland closed its schools until at least 10 April to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. While online classes are standard, housebound children are still a concern. The Polish Government claims that it has a reply: it has opened a Minecraft website, among other initiatives.

The Government of Poland has introduced a platform wholly devoted to keeping children occupied despite being kept indoors while they are out of school while education is being delayed.


Grarantanna is the company’s name, and it includes a range of instructional events that include quizzes, game jams, online pen, and paper sessions, and a website from Minecraft.

The Creative Database is available for primary, secondary, and university students with 60×60 plots for each player. The most amazing structures would celebrate with players invited to replicate “established houses.” From now until 27 March, the market is free.

The idea of Minecraft

It’s a pretty smart idea: Minecraft is an amicable game in imaginative mode, which several people have enabled because there are more than 112 players per month. You will know how to signup here if you are a Polish resident.

It is not the first time Minecraft has taken part in the self-isolation ambitions of individuals: students in Japan arrange their Minecraft server graduation ceremonies in March.

The Grarantanna platform is full of various educational events aimed at inspiring young Polish people to take an active trip, including free play opportunities, riddles, quizzes, as well as home education educative resources and more.

The Polish Government also develops a few dedicated Minecraft servers that place users in an infinite universe, like a futuristic Lego package, where some can merely build, and others can opt to battle monsters.

Although Poland has sent its own Minecraft portal to facilitate cooperative games, over 250 million registered users nowadays have a global play finding ecosystem spanning machines, gaming systems, and smartphone applications.

You see, here every day, different ideas for events, which encourage you to efficiently and effectively spend time at home. Digital role-play sports, intellectual challenges, webinars, downloading, game-related tournaments and contests, and Web imagination.

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