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8 Best Apps For Tracking A Child’s Phone Activity

8 Best Apps For Tracking A Child’s Phone Activity

Today’s parents may have a lot of challenges while taking their children to the right path in life. Living in a time of a huge technology influence, we can’t ignore the fact that one day, your kid will ask you for some tech gadget, or even a smartphone, because the other kids have it. Surely you want to protect them, but also not to be that parent who is against everything, and their child is avoided by the others because he or she doesn’t fit in the group of friends.

Also, you may have a lot of confidence in your parenting type, but if you are suspicious that one day your kid will forget everything and do just the opposite, then you probably do something wrong, or you are not confident enough. Owning a smartphone nowadays is more than recommended. You don’t need to buy them the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, but you can find some affordable device to balance the price and quality.

Many parents insist on installing a tracking app on their children’s phones. While they are underage, there is no issue of privacy interruption. The world is not a safe place as it was in the past, and today’s parents have the benefit of knowing what their kids are doing all the time. You only need to decide if the kid will know that there is an app on their phone, or you will hide it, while it runs in the background.

Even though some people wouldn’t approve of this type of tracking, today we are here to suggest some apps you can use to “spy” on your kid and keep an eye on them while they are at school. Here are some of them:

1. FamiSafe Child Tracker


This is one of the greatest options for Android and iOS users, and it tracks the real-time location, no matter if the parent has an iPhone or Android device. It’s very easy and predictive, and you will have no problem installing it on your device. Your child will be able to share their location with you as required or needed. Also, the parents can control the screen time, and make sure that they aren’t on their phones when they need to sleep. They can block suspicious apps, and protect their kids from explicit internet content too.

2. Find My Kids

This is a real-time GPS location tracker, and the parents can receive notifications when their kids are at school when they get on the bus, and also see if their battery is low. One of the best features is the SOS button, so the child can notify the parents when in danger. Also, it can stream the environment sounds, so the parents won’t get worried about why the kid isn’t picking up their phone. It’s free t download on Android and iOS, but in-app purchases are available as needed.

3. mSpy I Spy You


With this app, the parents can dig deeper into the phone, check the call history, track the calls and messages, even the deleted ones, and monitor the social media profiles. Adult people can spot a scam online, but sometimes even the most experienced ones fall for it. That’s why protecting the kids must be the main priority. Spying upon them is maybe not the best or the smartest solution, but that’s the only way to know what they are doing, where they are, and who are the people they talk to, just to have peace in mind. You can visit to learn more about this app.

4. Bark

This one also scans all the activities and reports the critical ones. The parents can really save their child’s life with this one. It can monitor the texts from 24 different social platforms, and spot critical content like sexting or bullying. The algorithm is made to recognize the critical keywords and alert the parents. According to some sources, at least 33 young people’s lives were saved thanks to this app. A free trial is available, and if you find it useful, you can buy the premium version.

5. Net Nanny Parental Control


Another great app with an intuitive design, strong web filters, and very modern, and it can be synced among different devices, never mind the operating system. It’s quite expensive and doesn’t include call and text monitoring, but it’s great for internet activities.

6. Glympse

This app is silent, but powerful, and will work in the background smoothly, without interrupting the other activities. Also, all the family members can join Glympse, and they can all know where they are, any moment of the day. It’s available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

7. Kaspersky Safe Kids


Some users say it’s pretty slow and confusing, but it’s also very affordable and comes with a lot of free features worth having on your phone. You can monitor the internet activities, and you can set plans and limits, but also managing what’s on their phones. You can even block suspicious Google and YouTube searches, and review the browsing and watch history. You may have issues reading the messages, so consider this app as an option if you are mostly interested in general internet activity.

8. MMGuardian

Another app that is affordable, and provides a lot of features for Android users. At the same time, iOS users are very limited, and they don’t get most of it. So, consider this one as an option if your family is more Android than iOS. It’s functional, but the design may look outdated. This one will spot nudity and sexual content, and help the parents to immediately react and stop the actions.

On the other hand, you can’t block calls and messages, but you can see what’s happening, and sometimes that’s enough. Choosing an app for this purpose can be challenging. We really hope our article will help you find the best one for you. Also, we hope that you won’t need to use it. Children’s protection must be our priority, and there is no place for privacy concerns when their safety is interrupted.

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