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5 Recommended Sound Editing Applications and Audio Software for Android

5 Recommended Sound Editing Applications and Audio Software for Android

Nowadays cellphones are not only used for communication tools or media for chatting, together with friends, family or people who are far away. But cell phones are also used to help do various human jobs. One of them is audio or sound editing. In this article, we will discuss recommendations for voice editing applications that can be used specifically for those of you who use an Android phone.

Voice Editing Application on Mobile

Sound editing work is often done by those who have jobs in the arts, entertainment, as well as advertisement or advertising. Usually, the sound is later processed and equated with the video shown. So that it is in harmony and also as needed. Generally, many people think that video or sound editing applications.

Generally, it can only be done on a laptop or computer Slot jackpot terbesar. Even if you use a cellphone, you often don’t know what applications can support or help with voice editing. So that it can be done more efficiently and of course, this application can be your answer.

1. Wavepad

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The first application should not be missed because it is proven to be good and is often used by art workers, namely the wavepad audio editor free. Even though it actually still has the word free, don’t be fooled. Because after all, there are several features that can indeed be accessed when you enter the premium category or buy software and unlock the features as a whole.

By using money or credit, all features can be unlocked. Produced by NCH software. One of these applications does offer a variety of features, even specifically for recording and also the various effects needed. It is 15 mb in size and has been downloaded by approximately 5 million users.

2. Adobe Audition

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The second application that can be used to edit audio on a cellphone is Adobe Audition. Where this one application can be used for cellphones, laptops or even computers. Adobe audition itself is often released as one of the applications recommended by professionals. Even some of the features and multitrack are very reliable. So it is very suitable for use for beginners or even advanced ones. However, the type given between cell phones and laptops or computers is better than the laptop and computer versions.

3. Bandlab

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The third application used is Benlate, as the name implies, Bandlab, which is a complete package that can be used. Because it provides various features of musical instruments and instruments in just one application. So that it makes it easier for you to edit the tone or instrument needed.

This application can edit the voice to be more melodious. Because there are recording options and also settings that are generally available in complete applications Slot jackpot terbesar. Then how? whether you can use it for free. The fact is that you can use this application without paying a fee.

4. VirtualDJ

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Android phones are often limited by a few applications with large memory. One of them is Virtual DJ, as the name implies, this application can help you to arrange instruments and also special tones for the EDM music genre.

So you can mix songs or even use various features aimed at changing and editing sounds, but this free version. Applications that take up approximately 2 GB of space must be available, if you want to use this voice editing application.

5. Video Sound Editor

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The last application recommended by many people, especially professionals, to use a sound editing application on a cellphone, is a video sound editor. As the name implies, this application was developed by Android Techmania which provides features to be able to separate audio, or even add music tracks.

Suitable for editing minimalist videos plus this video sound has a very simple interface or display and requires only 11MB of space. It has even been downloaded by more than one million people on Google Play. You really can’t use the maximum features like editing sound on a laptop. But don’t be confused because for beginners this application Slot jackpot terbesar is in fact good enough or can even help maximize your editing needs.

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