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Devil May Cry 6 release date


Devil May Cry 6: Release Date, News, Teaser And Rumors

Devil May Cry 6: Release Date, News, Teaser And Rumors

Devil May Cry, is one of the most action-filled adventurous game that was originally developed and released by Capcom Production Studio. The first part of Devil May Cry was released in 2001. Yes, that’s right, 19 years ago. Until now we have seen 5 fictional based video games, and soon we hope to see and play its next part as well (Devil May Cry 6). The idea of this game was conceived as the famous game “Resident Evil 4”. But due to some reasons, the project was dropped. Later the game was released with new storyline and an awesome gameplay that dazzled all the hard core gamer around the world.

Devil May Cry 6: The Release Date

It’s been almost been 15 months since the fifth installment of the Devil May Cry series has been out. But don’t worry, there will be an upcoming series on this remarkable fictional game. We know this because Capcom itself announced it.

However, it’s only been a year and a few months since the 5th installment has come out, so, there is still a bit time until we get to see what’s next for the devils. But still, there is still no confirmed date that has been allotted to this game series.

DMC6 is going to be a super hit as we’ve seen the Devil May Cry 5 making groundbreaking sales. And there is no doubt about the fact that even if Devil May Cry 6 gets released in the near future; it’ll be something very enthralling too.

Note: DMC6 will be released on the latest gaming consoles such as the Xbox series and also on the PS5. Meanwhile, if you want to upgrade your gaming systems, you can without any worrying.

Devil May Cry 6: News

If you guys have played DMC5, you’d know that there is not much left that could actually enhance the gameplay, right? But, we know that both the brothers are still alive and we just hope that the story goes on a bit further.

We even saw a new character in Devil May Cry 5. We’re talking about V, as he was the new character that was introduced in the series. So, maybe we can also expect a newer character now. What do you think?

Devil May Cry 6: Teaser

The ending of Devil May Cry 5 was no doubt a bit open ending, and it had no closure. We all wanted Dante and Vergil to close the gates of hell or do something much more. But, we all didn’t see that happening. However, Nero just discovered his new superpowers. And with a lot of demons roaming around in the world of DMC, we want to see what beholds us.

We all know that there hasn’t been an official announcement from Capcom on the release of DMC6 but during the Anime Festival Orlando 2019, Dante’s voice actor might have leaked it off during the exclusive announcement.

Devil May Cry 6: Rumors

After the Anime Festival Orlando 2019, there have been no new leads or leaks for the DMC6. We’ve also heard that there will be no DLC for Devil May Cry 5. So, it can be assumed that the new update that we’ll get will be in the form of a new game series. Whatever the case may be, we just hope that Capcom shows it to us and the rest of the world real soon.

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