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Josie Rizal


Josie Rizal: Biography, Fighting Style & Outfits in Tekken 7

Josie Rizal: Biography, Fighting Style & Outfits in Tekken 7


Josie Rizal is a Filipina nymphet who is apt in eskrima and kickboxing. She wears a yellow top, a blue miniskirt, and a red bow. Josie has been depicted to be brilliant, lively and very enthusiastic, yet she has gotten progressively inclined to cry in view of something that occurred in the past.

It later uncovers in her backstory that she was a major crybaby at the youthful age and can’t ease it. During her instructional class and showdown against Kuma, Josie was uncovered to fear bears and causes her to escape in tears when it was experienced just as being cross-examined by it which made her blackout.

Fighting Style

Josie Rizal battles utilizing Eskrima-based Kickboxing (エスクリマをベースとしたキックボクシングEsukurima wo Bēsu to shitaKikkubokushingu?). Eskrima is a style of battle that stresses the weapon-based battle that by and large includes sticks and blades. Eskrima is authoritatively called Arnis, the formalized umbrella name of the style in the Philippines, however, this name and Kali are additionally utilized. Josie utilizes the unarmed variation of the style that centers more around protective systems, hooking and weapon incapacitating instead of the more hostile equipped variation.

Unarmed Eskrima concentrates considerably more on responding to and countering an assault as opposed to hostile striking. Be that as it may, awful strikes and kicks are as yet utilized. Her take of Eskrima with boxing makes her style increasingly like a genuine Eskrima variation called Yaw-Yan otherwise called the Dance of Death or Sayaw ng Kamatayan in Filipino. She additionally utilizes different elbow and knee procedures alongside different mixes that are suggestive of Muay Thai.

Appearance in Tekken Series:

  1. Tekken 7
  2. Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Josie Rizal Outfits:

Player 1 Outfit

Josie Rizal Player 1 Outfit

Josie Rizal wears a yellow long sleeve slipover waist with white blossom plans on the edge of her loose sleeves with a red two-piece top underneath, a light blue and red short skirt with coordinating structures and four lashes in each side of her skirt and a red v-belt to her abdomen with sun clasps and dark-colored warrior pads with sun structures in her knee and lower legs.

She likewise wears blue short shorts underneath her light blue skirt. She is extremely wonderful and has genuinely tanned skin and enormous bosoms. Her skirt covers her upper thighs, so her lower thighs and legs are uncovered.

Josie additionally wears a brilliant dangling sun accessory, coordinating brilliant sun studs and a few brilliant arm ornaments on both of her wrists. The shading plan (red, blue, white and yellow) of her outfit coordinates the Philippine banner.

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Player 2 Outfit

Josie Rizal Player 2 Outfit

Her other shading bed from her Player 2 outfit which her top is light blue, her skirt is currently red and white, her short shorts are presently dull blue, and her warrior pads are likewise red and white.

In the update form of Tekken 7, Josie’s light blue skirt from her essential outfit changed to blue to coordinate her short shorts and the plans of her skirt stay light blue. In her other shading bed, her dim blue short shorts are currently dark while wearing her outfit.

Josie Rizal Customizations

Josie Rizal Customization

Josie’s customizations comprise present-day garments in her age and she picks up Asuka’s advanced garments customization in Tekken 6. Her customization makes them wear short dresses, calfskin smaller than normal hoodie coats, sleeveless waists, spaghetti lashes, fingerless gloves, wraps, denim pants, leggings, dark shoes and high heels, boots. She can likewise wear a rancher cap on her head.

Her bathing suit DLC is much the same as the remainder of the female characters and wears either a diva-style small scale swimsuit or a tropical strapless two-piece.

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