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Tekken 7 Fahkumram


Fahkumram: Complete Biography, Fighting Style & Player Outfits

Fahkumram: Complete Biography, Fighting Style & Player Outfits

Fahkumram Biography

Fahkumram, the Muay Thai champion, is a huge guy who is tattooed and remarkably muscular. The corrupt officials have captured his wife and daughter, so he is here from Thailand to fight them free.

Fahkumram (Thai: ฟ้าคำราม; Japanese: ファーカムラムFākamuramu) is another character in the Tekken arrangement. He was reported at the Tekken World Tour 2019 as the fifth DLC of Season Pass 3. He was included in Tekken 7 as of March 25, 2024.

Fighting Style

He appears to have hostile combos. He likewise appears to have Bruce’s Clinch multi-tosses and a portion of his combo launchers. He likewise seems to have a high continuance when Craig Marduk handles an incredible punch on his chest.

Fighting Style-wise, Fahkumram battles utilizing Muay Thai.

Fakumram likewise builds up his chest implanted in a red light from his chest scars looking like Jin Kazama’s red lightning Hit Effect that intensifies the entirety of his moves just as using his Rage Art.

His rage art has him to paralyze his adversary with a privilege forward kick and terrains a ground-breaking left elbow and an overwhelming left punch followed by two amazing knee strikes and vigorously hammers the rival into the ground with a substantial left knee to bargain more harm.

Fahkumram Outfits


Player 1 Outfit:

Fahkumram wears a conventional Muay Thai outfit like Bruce Irvin’s as his Muay Thai shorts are blue in a dark trim with his name engraved on his shorts in Thai are gold. At the dark waistline of his shorts, it has a Thailand banner logo on every side. He likewise wears enormous hand and leg wrap as his hand wraps look like gauntlets and both of his shoulders and wrists were enhanced in gold ropes which were hanging free.

His customization resembles the other male characters in the game as he increases two special customizations. These two remarkable customizations are close to the similarity to Sagat’s fundamental outfit and fight ensemble in Street Fighter V.

The distinction between one of his one of a kind modified outfit and Sagat’s fight ensemble; he wore a white long vest with a light red structure alongside gold and dark-colored headband on his temple. His free jewelry embellished with blossoms are gold and the rose plans are dim pink.

His Muay Thai shorts were red in a dark trim and the engraved name is changed to “GARUDA” in pale gold trim. Fahkumram additionally wears a dark lower leg backing to coordinate his leg wraps and grayish boxing gloves to coordinate his hand wraps.

Relationships With Other Characters

Fights with Craig Marduk in the reveal trailer.

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