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Noctis Lucis Caelum


Noctis Lucis Caelum (Tekken) – Complete Character Details

Noctis Lucis Caelum (Tekken) – Complete Character Details


Noctis Lucis Caelum was also added as post-launch downloadable content in Tekken 7.  He is the lead protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, is the prince of the kingdom of Lucis.

Noctis is a youngster with spiky dark hair and blue eyes that can shine red.

Fighting Style / Moves

Noctis’ move list is exceptionally one of a kind than the remainder of the cast, he’s a Tekken-style character who happens to have meter-style characters’ bounce in assaults.

Noctis is a basic cautious character that has an ongoing interaction that centers around discipline and keepout. As he has a gigantic range on a large portion of his assaults. This is because of the weaponry he employs. Hence, he works best in mid to long-range battles. As he can hit the rival with his long-run moves. While they in all probability can’t contact him. Making his keep out and intruding on his rival’s methodology extremely compelling.

He, for the most part, depends on discipline to cause harm to his adversary. Regardless of whether that be whiff discipline or square discipline. In the two regions, he exceeds expectations significantly. As f+2 is the likely the best whiff punisher in Tekken history. As it can rebuff moves which are regularly sheltered to whiff, for example, keep out moves from across the stage.

His square discipline generally is awesome. Be that as it may, he needs to extend on his hits. He more than compensates for this at i15 from standing. As he accesses df2 which has an enormous range. It can dispatch rebuff moves that are commonly mishandled or viewed as more secure than they really are because of push back. For example, Heihachi’s and Kuma’s ff+2 and Paul’s Demolition Man.

Very close he is fairly inadequate. As he doesn’t have a different arrangement of reasonable jabs, strings, and order tosses for 1 and 2 breaks. Rather he depends for the most part on hits, d/f+1 and u/f+2 an i14 high CH launcher. The jabs he has are sheltered yet exceptionally disadvantageous on the square. Anyway because of his unchickenable inversion and punch repel he can take the rivals to go to assault.

He is very undermining at point clear range, like Paul. This is because of his 50/50. Between his Maelstrom. A harming unseeable low which knockdowns, wall splits, and even floor breaks. What’s more, mid of your decision, for example, uf3.

The mix of his since a long time ago ran moves, square punishers, and whiff punishers just as his undermining short proximity 50/50 makes him risky to approach and hazardous very close when he has the advantage.

Noctis Outfits

Noctis Lucis Caelum outfits

Noctis wears a dark coat with skull-theme fastens and sequenced subtleties on the pockets. He keeps it unfastened, and the tag on the zipper additionally has a little skull. Underneath, he wears a steel dim shirt with skull prints. Noctis wears dark trimmed pants and dark clasped boots with red soles. He additionally wears a dark bike glove on his left hand.


Noctis has the least customizations than different characters including individual visitor characters Akuma and Geese. The greater part of his customizations is in the full-body set and his customizations are his substitute outfits from his principle appearance in Final Fantasy XV which are his conventional suits in an illustrious theme and an imperial outfit utilized in the fundamental closure.

His select customization is an easygoing outfit; a yellow casual shirt with both a Chocobo and a mog embellished on the front shirt and an indication of “MoogleMocoro Carnival” at the front and back and a full face of mog at the correct side on the facade of his free shirt, dark pants, and yellow and white tennis shoes. Noctis likewise wears a Chocobo top with a mog signal on its head.

Appearance in Tekken Series:

  • Tekken 7

Relationships With Others Characters

  • Lars Alexandersson – Lars got familiar with Noctis during his DLC uncover trailer and he persuades him to bring down his foes while he became strife to do this all alone. Toward the end of the trailer, in any case, he and Lars are angling at the Jungle Outpost (non-group)
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