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Lucky Chloe


Lucky Chloe (Tekken) – Complete Character Details

Lucky Chloe (Tekken) – Complete Character Details


Lucky Chloe is a female character in Tekken 7 who has a “freestyle dance” fighting style. She is an idol who you can see wearing a kitten-themed costume.

Lucky Chloe is a pop sensation and the essence of the G Corporation brand. At the point when a secretive man burst into G Corp and took out a great many gatekeepers with move like systems, Lucky Chloe boldly strolled right up to him and hindered his way.

She tossed the man one of her trademark grins and gave him a test: Fight her, and in the event that he loses he’ll need to function as her support artist! Without mindful on the off chance that he’d acknowledged the conditions or not, she arranged for the fight to come

Fighting Style

Lucky Chloe battles utilizing Freestyle Dance, a style that appears to be obviously like that of Capoeira, the two of which joins moving into hand to hand fighting.

Lucky Chloe has quick assaults and a decent stir up game and keeping in mind that her assaults are commonly very feeble, she has great combo choices that permit her to pile on some large harm. Her range, notwithstanding, is very short, and she needs counter alternatives and punishers, which means she favors an increasingly forceful play style, holding near her rival and applying consistent weight.

Lucky Chloe is novel in that her Rage Art can bargain extra harm if the player accurately times their catch presses in cadence with the arrival of the assault on her adversary.

Appearance in Tekken Series:

Lucky Chloe Outfits:

Player 1 outfit:

Lucky Chloe Outfits

Lucky Chloe wears a hairy, pastel pink bolero coat with her name on the back and that covers her hands with pink catches with paw plans on the undersides over a pink and dark dress with a short, unsettled skirt, with bands in the back and a pink bow. There are what seems, by all accounts, to be pink small speakers at her sides, just as a dark feline tail extra. She likewise wears dark thigh-high tights with a keyhole structure in the front with a little heart at the top and pink knee cushions, just as a couple of pink and white preparing shoes with dark lashes. She accessorizes the outfit with a couple of pink earphones with dark neko ears appended.


Player 2 outfit:

Lucky Chloe Outfits

A palette swap of her essential outfit, the pink pieces of her outfit, and going with extras are recolored to a water blue shading.

Lucky Chloe’s customization alternatives incorporate further palette swaps of her default furnishes alongside other, increasingly colorful, move wear. She likewise has the alternatives to wear progressively formal clothing, for example, keen skirts and coats. She can likewise be tweaked to wear different sorts of headwear or have a short sway hairstyle.

Lucky Chloe’s bathing suit DLC choices are in accordance with the other female characters; a decision of two swimsuits, either a Tropical Bikini or a Diva Bikini.

Relationships With Other Characters

  • Kazuya Mishima – Her Employer
  • Jack – Met at G Corporation when Jack-7 Interrupted her dance session
  • Eddy Gordo – Her rival in Tekken 7.
  • Lei Wulong – Lei is her big fan, as found in his Tekken 7 trailer.
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