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Negan (Tekken) – Complete Character Details

Negan (Tekken) – Complete Character Details

Negan Biography

Added as post-launch downloadable content in Tekken 7, he is an antagonist from The Walking Dead Comic and TV series. To scare his enemies, he possesses a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He calls the bat Lucille.

Negan was picked as the fourth visitor character for Tekken 7 somewhat due to Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray being tremendous devotees of The Walking Dead TV show and Negan’s character in it, and because of them figuring he would be an “impeccable fit” for Tekken.

The Walking Dead’s Negan, the charming pioneer of the Saviors, united different networks powerless to resist him with the proverb “individuals are an asset.” One day, he got reports that an obscure gathering had taken out a few of his men. Per his standard strategy, he instituted an arrangement to catch and make a case of them. The survivors fell into Negan’s deliberately laid snare, be that as it may, similarly as he was picking his casualty to fill in, for instance, the gathering set up an extraordinary battle and got away. Negan stressed they would upset his new world request on the off chance that he didn’t manage them quickly. Taking his security fencing bat Lucille – named after his cherished spouse – into his hand, he set out to deal with these absurd selfish jerks who might challenge his position.

Negan Fighting Style

Negan’s battling style and moves are potentially founded on Underworld Brawling in its most perfect structure and depend on hitting his adversary utilizing his sway wired homerun stick named Lucille. During the execution of the move, it has a grisly impact which he utilizes Lucille to smack his rivals in a wicked manner.

His fury workmanship has him thump his adversary with Lucille. When the adversary recovers awareness as the camera centers around Negan in an obscured manner to smack his rival with Lucille, managing substantial harm.

Appearance in Tekken Series:

  • Tekken 7
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