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Katarina Alves


Katarina Alves (Tekken) – Complete Biography & Outfits

Katarina Alves (Tekken) – Complete Biography & Outfits


This sassy lady is the practitioner of the art of savate. She is a wholly beginner-friendly addition in Tekken 7 characters. Katarina is a forceful and cheeky mouthed talker with a presumptuous and marginally coy character. She did anyway significantly regard her supportive dad, who as of late vanished and was changed into G Corporation’s mentally conditioned, transformed human, Gigas.

Katarina Alves is by all accounts exceptionally sure about her capacities as a warrior; close by her presumptuous disposition, her battling present has her gatekeeper completely brought down (in opposition to a conventional savate position), and her stance is totally loose.

Fighting Style

Katarina Alves battles utilizing Savate, the French variation of kickboxing. As Katarina actualizes the self-protective variation of the military craftsmanship, her battling style is all the more explicitly known as Savate de Rue, permitting the utilization of knees, tosses, and headbutts. Savate as a game spotlights fundamentally by walking kicking methods that require extraordinary adaptability, while additionally using punching mixes roused by western boxing. Not at all like other kickboxing styles like Muay Thai, Savate is solely foot-orientated and isn’t known for its knee or shin assaults.

Katarina Alves Outfits:

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution | Player 1 outfit:

Katarina Alves Player 1 Outfit

Katarina is wearing a gathering that comprises of a long, ivory-hued coat with light green ribbon enumerating along the front neckline. The left sleeve has a knit scalloped fix and has peacock plume plans on the back at the tail. She is likewise wearing gleaming darker, fingerless calfskin gloves with metal, square-formed rings with dim heart detail on each finger. Uncovered is her dark calfskin bra with darker and white stripes on the ties and on the banding where there is a gold catch in the center.

There must be dark holsters joined to the sides of her bra since there are two little guns with darker handles inside their holsters under each arm. She has a little tattoo of a red heart with minor vines around it underneath her stomach button. She is obviously wearing a dark thong. On top, she is donning white, belted jeans with darker, blue-green and tan striped examples. Rather than having a zipper conclusion, there is a bodice styled circling with ivory binding supplanting the last mentioned. At long last, she is wearing white heels with dark-colored soles.

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution | Player 2 outfit:

katarina alves outfits

A palette swap of her Player 1 outfit, her jacket is presently light green and her cowhide bra and the striped structures of her jeans are currently dull red.

She has another outfit as a component of her customizations, comprising of a green long-sleeved nabbed waist with an indigo shoulder holster which is associated with her chest, blue denim skirt with a dark-colored weapon holster to her left side thigh, a darker belt around her abdomen, dark undies and red knee-high obeyed boots with a coordinating darker blade holster to her left side leg to coordinate her firearm holster to her left side thigh. She likewise wears long red gloves with a white adjusted structure on the wrists. The little tattoo of a red heart with minor vines is presently secured on her denim skirt.

She can likewise be modified to expel her darker surrounded shades, uncovering her dark colored eyes. She can likewise be seen without her shades in her and Gigas’ endings, when it is possible that she expels them in her consummation, or when Gigas thumps them off.

A portion of her customizations makes them wear uncovering short dresses, a long vest, long conventional gloves, mid-arm gloves, denim pants, business skirts, calfskin shoes, thigh-high boots and high heels like those from her essential outfit, however without the dark-colored soles. She likewise wears headbands, entertainer caps, and edge glasses, and can abandon her ivory-shaded coat, uncovering the gold ties of her dark calfskin bra.

Katarina’s bathing suit DLC comprises of two styles of swimsuit; the Diva Bikini or the strapless Tropical Bikini. Once modified in one of the swimming outfits, the little tattoo of a red heart with small vines underneath her tummy button isn’t seen.

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Unlockable Outfits:

Katarina Alves customization outfit from Tekken 7, however with minor changes; her green long sleeve busted waist gets lighter and has an insignia on the left-hand side, her gloves stayed red and her knee high-obeyed boots are light darker, her altered shoulder holster is presently dark with white lashes, her denim skirt gets dim darker and her belt is white. Both her firearm holster to her left side thigh and her blade holster to her left side leg is currently green.


One of her customizations in Tekken 7, she wears a noteworthy light yellow party dress, with a long, plunging slipover uncovering a white swimsuit top underneath, and light yellow open-toed high heels. She additionally wears a late spring cap on her head.

Appearance in Tekken Series:

  1. Tekken 7
  2. Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
  3. Tekken (Mobile)
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