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Jack-7: Complete Biography, Fighting Style and Outfits

Jack-7: Complete Biography, Fighting Style and Outfits


Jack-7 uses his viscerally brute force to pound on his opponents. In Tekken 7 the Jack-7 comes up with an improvised design in which he has red hair and green glowing arms.

The main Jack was worked by the Russian military, a murdering machine constructed only for pulverization. In the wake of substantiating himself in the principal King of Iron Fist Tournament, updated Jack robots were placed into large scale manufacturing and used in battlegrounds.

During this time, one of the Jack-2 robots went over a little youngster. Out of nowhere building up a still, small voice, Jack-2 volunteered to take care of the young lady, up until the point he was devastated by Doctor Abel. After this, Jane, the little youngster protected by Jack-2, grew up resolved to reestablish the robot who spared her as a kid. Despite the fact that Jane was fruitful in introducing Jack-2’s recollections into the new Gun Jack model, Gun Jack was at last crushed. After this, Jane joined the G Corporation, where she kept on taking a shot at building Jack robots in the desire for reestablishing her cherished friend.

Beginning with Jack-2, Jane moves the recollections and awareness of the most recent playable Jack to the following playable model, implying that all the playable Jacks after that have in fact been the equivalent “Jack”.

Fighting Style

The fighting style of Jack 7 is listed as “Brute Force”.

Appearance in Tekken Series

  1. Tekken
  2. Tekken 2
  3. Tekken 3
  4. Tekken 5
  5. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  6. Tekken 6
  7. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
  8. Tekken 7
  9. Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Jack Outfits



The Jack robots have two styles of the outfit, which they have kept up since their most punctual appearances. The first, and generally conspicuous, is their military outfit, where they wear cover pants, a tank top, battle boots and gloves in hues average of military wear, for example, greens, tans, and grays.

Their subsequent style is outwardly like either an exoskeleton or suit of lightweight covering, normally in a straightforward shading plan, except for Gun Jack, who wore increasingly fancy structures. This outfit typically has coordinating boots and gloves, despite the fact that Jack-2, in his renditions of this outfit, had layered hand wraps in the place of gloves.

Relationships With Other Characters

Lucky Chloe – An associate of Jack-7. In Jack-7’s consummation, she incidentally chances upon him and makes him tumble from the G Corporation building.

Gigas– An adversary humanoid weapon made by an opponent research group at the G Corporation.

Lord II – Opponent of Jack-7 in the seventh competition.

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